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Social Media HR Recruitment Tips for 2018

Top 2018 Social Media HR Recruitment Tips

What is your Social Media HR Recruitment Strategy? The art of social media and recruitment depends on your target audience. Human resources departments will be expected to focus on crafting content that reaches a workforce of a diverse age group. As millennials and Generation Z start to encompass a majority of the workforce, organizations need to be creative in messaging with transparency in the company culture.

The next time you attend a human resource meeting on recruiting for top talent, bring these Social Media HR Recruitment tips with you.

Social Media HR Strategy

#1: Post a variety of social media posts

You need to perceive social media as an online piece of marketing material. The idea is to be consistent with your tone and message with a timeline of campaigns to post to introduce your company to potential candidates.

Have you heard of the 5.3.2 rule? It is basically a series of 10 social media posts per day. Here is a list of how you can be creative in your posts:

  • 5 external content posts: social influencer blogs, news articles or inquisitive YouTube videos that will be of value to your audience.
  • internal content posts: blogs on company events, educational campaigns, industry-related articles, and fun facts about employees.
  • personal content posts: engaging content about your CEO, Vice President or your mascot. The idea is to portray that your organization is the best employer for candidates to feel inspired to want to work for you.

#2: Show the workforce You Are The Best

It can sound like a cliché, but your best interest is to share moments of your employees from the top down. The CEO can be involved in posting weekly blog posts about his thoughts on trending news. The CIO can contribute YouTube videos about his forecast of technology in 2018. It is a mix of personal and corporate branding. This will show how it is like to work at your company.

Once you determine a plan, speak to the communications or marketing department to get started. Your team can stay on track with corporate spending on budgeting projects and collaborations with marketing firms if you need to outsource your work. The photographer on-site can capture images of the development of a new product from start to finish. A golden rule is to share the do’s and don’ts’s of social media etiquette with your team.

#3: Stay compliant with your posting

A fact sheet published this year by PEW, stated most users on social media are Hispanic and white. If your organization is focused on attracting a diverse group of applicants, understand the demographics of who you want to target and post information on their social media platform of interest.

As you post information, remember the HR compliance basics to stay compliant with organizational and regulations within your state.

#4: Tell Stories using Instagram

The competition of employers in your industry is on the rise. The younger generation is connected to social platforms that include Instagram and SnapChat to select their choice of employer.

Get creative! If you work at a real estate development company, capture the cut of red bow at the construction phase of a new mall. You can encourage your marketing team to capture fun moments in the office of your employees.

Think of Instagram recruiting as corporate branding.  Once you discover personal moments of your organization that connects with your audience, you will see an increase of applicants.

Social Media HR Recruitment Tips 2018

Social Media HR Recruitment Tips – Final Thoughts

If you use your imagination, you can stand out from the employer competition. Your potential candidates want to believe your company has a priority of its employees. The fact that employees can anonymously share encounters on the job on job search engine forums should be a motivation for you to be the first to share your corporate story with the workforce.

Now it is over to you

Do you have any HR Recruitment Tips of your own? If you do then feel free to share them in the comments section below

Regards MAKEDA

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Social Media HR Recruitment Tips for 2018 - SM Recruitment Strategy
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