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Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make – CASE STUDY

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It has been said that you can rank pins on Pinterest and you can rank Pins on Google but you can’t do both at the same time.

This is something that I don’t believe!

I now spend a lot of time on Pinterest and I am always looking for ways to use Pinterest to generate traffic and to promote Infobunny. Pinterest pins do rank very well on Google so with that In mind I decided that I wanted to run a small case study to see if Pinterest Pin comments in the Tried this pin? comments section would help rank a pin in Google search.

I am always running tests like this and on this occasion will be documenting the results in this blog.

How to rank your Pinterest Pins on Google – Case Study

Ok, so this is really a kind of traffic come SEO experiment to see if we can rank a specific Pinterest pin that we create in Google search. 

A day or so ago I published an article called Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make And How To Fix Them Quickly. 

If you Google the keyword phrase Pinterest Mistake Bloggers Make in an incognito browser you will get similar search results to that shown in the screen capture below.

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make

As you can see the top 4 positions on page one are dominated by Pinterest Pins. And coming in at number 5 is my Infobunny article. 

So the question is can we outrank the top 4 Pinterest Pins with a pin that I specifically create optimized for the search term Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make the same keyword phrase I used to fund these results?

Well, let’s see.


Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

So how do we do this?

Ok, first of all, we have to create a great image that Pinterest members will like and hopefully will re-pin. Here is the image that we created.

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make - What effect do comments have on Pins in the  Google search results

Next, we optimized the image for Pinterest making sure that we added a great keyword description incorporating the search term Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make with a few related hashtags for Pinterest.

We then pinned the image to Pinterest. Then we visited the pin on Pinterest and edited the pin. We did this to use all the available space in the pin description to further SEO optimize.

Next, we invited our followers to help us with this Case Study. We then requested relevant comments to be added to the Tried this pin? section to see the effect they had on the Google rank of the pin.

The pins in the screen capture above have little or no comments. So it will be interesting to find out if comments and engagement within the “Tried this pin” section help my Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make Pin to outrank those already in the search results and how these comments affect the Pins visibility on Pinterest.

I suspect that it will require some repins on Pinterest to make a difference. And that comments will have less of an impact. With Google, however, I think we will see the opposite in that it will be the comments that will make a big difference as they provide more keyword based content to be indexed.

And that is why we are doing this. To find out so that we can then apply it to gain better Pinterest Traffic results

If you would like to take part in this Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make Case Study then visit the Pin below.

And please leave a good keyword rich, relevant comments and let’s see what happens.

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make - Pinterest Pin - Case Study

Do you have any questions or suggestions then please leave them in the comments of this article.

If you prefer you can add them to the pin on Pinterest.

Regards Dexter

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Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make
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Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make
What effect do comments on Pinterest Pins make to the Google search results of pins? We created a specific pin using the search terms Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make to find out.
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  1. Bluetechno
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    Actually SEM and SEO are based on some keys, when you train: ax.plot(Epochs, tr_errors[i], label=testing_model) a plot is calculated if google bots find that your pinterest or blog have violent or abusive content then its showing in 5-10 google page lets say. But if many people if os.path.exists(TR_times_filename): it appends to the total time keys the hashtags as we know are being used. Infobunny may use SEO tools from WordPress but Dexter Roona skills on social networking are incredible. This is a brief explanation on how Social Media Marketing works in terms of coding.

  2. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    Thank you, this is just a quick experiment to see the impact comments have on Pinterest Pins within Google search… lets see how it plays out
    Dexter Roona recently posted…How to generate traffic with social mediaMy Profile

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