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Digital Marketing: The Changing Side of Marketing

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In this new article, we are talking about the ever-changing side of Digital Marketing.

Let’s get started!

Digital Marketing: The Changing Side of Marketing

Digital Marketing: The Changing Side of Marketing

Digital Marketing is a new-age marketing strategy that uses digital platforms to promote content or products.

The marketing strategies that are used for promotional purposes have a huge impact on the success of the business or the company.

It is important to reach the right crowd at the right place. And digital media is the right place to meet all kinds of people.

With the rapid changes in the Internet and technologies, it is easier to filter out the people that are interested in the product.

And hence reach out to them instead of a large crowd who are

The number of Internet users is growing every year by five per cent.

And people are more fascinated towards knowing new things on the Internet.

This has been one of the reasons for the rise of Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing involves many strategies and tools that are used to analyse the market and promote the product or content.

Digital Marketing houses many tactics under it like E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM Marketing, SEO, etc.

These strategies involve digital platforms to reach out to people in different ways but with the aim to promote the organization.

Digital Marketing as a whole has a wide range of ways to reach and promote content.

And offers some key benefits like Website traffic which deals with bringing more visitors to the content.

Traffic also helps in analysing the patterns of content usage,

Performance of the Content varies with respect to the platform it is being published on because content promoted through a newspaper might not be viewed by many but content on the internet can reach a larger crowd and be tracked to know its viewer details.

Attribute Modelling is another benefit of digital marketing which bridges the relationship between marketing and sales by deriving sales patterns using effective tools.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits that have led digital marketing to become more important in promoting content and to grow rapidly.

Digital Marketing takes two types in a general scope, which are online marketing and offline marketing.

In comparison to online marketing, offline marketing does not bring in much traffic to the product.

This is because the world today is busy.

We have our smartphones, internet and social media.

And we are not so much with television and radio for marketing.

The traditional means of marketing like television marketing, radio marketing, phone-call marketing and person-to-person marketing make up offline marketing, whereas the use of social media and internet to market comprises online marketing.

Under Online marketing, there are various strategies that can be used to reach out to people which include:

  • Social Media Marketing makes use of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to reach out to customers in a wide range and promote products.
  • Search Engine Optimization uses strategies to rank the website high in search engine results which in turn brings more traffic to the website and makes it possible for a larger crowd to use the website.
  • Use of an Email Marketing Agency is a strategy where e-mails are used to communicate with the customers personally and promote the content through newsletters, follow-up emails, customer welcoming e-mails, etc. 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the most used form of marketing these days which involves paying the publisher for putting up your Ad in their website.


Digital Marketing Growth

The importance and growth of digital marketing have led to improvised courses offered in the marketing field.

Many colleges across India offer many postgraduate and postgraduate diploma courses in digital marketing.

These courses include learning in-depth concepts of offline and online marketing which can be implemented on any scale.

Amongst the strategies in digital marketing, social media marketing is known to be the best way to reach out to many people.

The Internet is a platform to present the content to a very large crowd by easier means.

This fact has led to the revolution in marketing through social media.

It is important to reach the right people at the right time.

Social media is the best way to reach out to a mass crowd to convey content.

Under the huge umbrella called digital marketing which spans many different kinds of marketing using the Internet and social media marketing stands first in the list.

With many social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and their popularity the task has been made much simpler.

Technology has joined its hands with social media marketing to make the job much easier.

For example, to market a particular product, it is important to identify the crowd that is interested in the product and this can be achieved by some machine learning and data analysis techniques.

Apart from this example, technology has a major role to play in the field of digital marketing.

The term social media marketing might seem simple, but there are many strategies to be learnt under it to reach the right audience effectively.

Some of the core things to be learnt in social media marketing are social media advertising, developing large communities on social media platforms, paid digital marketing techniques, social media management.

To learn these strategies in a professional way there are many online courses available.

Implementing what is learned, makes the website or content rank high in the search engine result page (SERP).

Some of the main topics taught in these online courses are:

  • Building the Brand: It is very important to develop popularity among people for the website. This can be done by being advertised on social media pages that are popular among people.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A good quality website is always ranked high in SERP. In order to attain high rank, there are many off-page and on-page SEO strategies that need to be learned. Some of them are maintaining website architecture, keyword usage, indexing, obtaining higher domain authority, etc.
  • Marketing Analytics: It mainly deals with measuring and analysing the marketing performance to improve the quality and popularity of the website.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): SEM deals with the techniques that increase the viewers for the website which in turn ranks the website higher in the SERP. Paid advertisements, backlinking to articles from top websites are some strategies that are taught under this topic.
  • Content Marketing: Quality highlights of what content is contained on the website should be advertised in different social media platforms in order to gain traffic. The creation of such highlights in the form of brochures, info graphs, etc. are some of the key points in content marketing.

Some of the top websites that offer Social Media Marketing as a course are EdX, Udemy, and CourseEra.

Apart from online websites offering these courses as certifications, the MBA Course offers digital marketing as a discipline that most of the social media enthusiasts take up to become social media strategists.

A good social media strategist manages all the above activities effectively by directly communicating with large communities.

To excel as a social media strategist, one should be good at some basic skills.

These include communication, writing skills, creativity and analytics.

There is a demand for good strategists and jobs that are offered to these people come with high salary packages.

There are around 25,000 jobs that fall into the social media manager profile that are available online.

With the rapidly growing usage of social media, even social media marketing is gaining its importance and demand for social media strategists is growing rapidly.

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This has made social media marketing course’s more and more popular.

With the increasing need to reach people in an efficient way, the whole concept of digital marketing came into existence.

Electronic media can surely be used to reach a huge crowd when compared to other forms of marketing.

Digital marketing consists of all the possible means to promote content using digital media like electronic devices or the Internet.

The number of people using the Internet is increasing rapidly with respect to the last decade, this stands as another reason for the growth of digital marketing.

The response of social media in today’s world is huge.

Hence, social media marketing under digital marketing carries a high value.

Digital marketing is not easy to master.

It involves many measures and strategies that need to be analysed and worked upon.

In order to learn digital marketing, you can find many platforms offering online courses.

MBA Colleges offers digital Marketing as a course, with guidance from digital marketing specialists.

The growing users of the internet and its popularity has a direct effect on the digital marketing courses offered.

Since many students are in need of these courses many colleges offer them as a certificate or full-time course.

There are many established bloggers and websites that offer SEM Marketing and Digital Marketing as a course for free as well.

Some of those websites are:

  • Udemy – It is an online website that offers different courses. Digital marketing is one of them which is their top course offered. Video lessons that give information about Google Analytics are one of their effective courses offered with respect to digital marketing.
  • Google Online MarketingThe Google Online Marketing Challenge is one of the top websites that offer a free online course for digital marketing handling topics like SEO, social analytics, online advertising, etc.
  • Alison – It provides Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in various streams and becomes the reason that brings in more viewers to this website. For the discipline of digital marketing, it offers a diploma course in business which includes topics like Google Analytics, AdWords, and SEO.
  • Wordstream – This website provides an online learning platform called PPC University, which focuses more on PPC under Digital Marketing. One can gain the required knowledge about PPC and digital marketing under this course.


Digital Marketing and its usage are increasing at speed.

It is not going to be surprising if digital marketing takes over any other form of marketing in the coming months and years.

Its strategic techniques to market content have led to the growth of its usage on a bigger scale.

In today’s competitive world, everybody who uploads content on the Internet wants to be ranked higher in the SERP but it depends on various aspects like quality of the content, customer’s interest in the content, number of viewers for the content, the demand of the content, etc.

It is known that Google uses complex mathematical algorithms to understand what content the customer is in need of and ranks the similar kind of content according to that.

There are many strategies that improve the rank of the content in SERP. Some of them include:

  • Indexing: Google uses crawlers or bots to crawl the websites to provide the user with the pages that best fits his/her search. While crawling websites the bots may crawl into other websites which are linked or indexed by the current website. This is referred to as backlinking in general. Google maintains a directory to track the hierarchy of websites it has crawled from the root website. The distance of any website from its root website acts as one of the requirements for it to be ranked high in SERP.
  • White Hat & Black Hat SEO: Use of illegal ways for SEO such as constant spamming, plagiarized content, etc is termed as Black Hat SEO and use of decent and acceptable strategies for SEO such as good content, limited use of keywords, etc. is termed as White Hat SEO.
  • Off-page SEO: Apart from the content that is on the website there are some other attributes that help in SEO. Domain Authority (DA) is one of them. Every website will be having a DA based on its popularity and number of users. The ones which have high popularity and usage will automatically have high DA. Being referenced or indexed from a high DA website adds to SEO. Bounce Rate is another factor that affects the rank because of the fast unavailability of the website.
  • On-page SEO: As stated by Bill Gates. “Content is King”, it is important for the content on any website to be appropriate and legitimate. Factors like the use of non-plagiarized content, limited yet powerful keywords, headings in the proper hierarchy, expressive and attractive contents constitute to On-page SEO. As the term says on-page which means what is there in the page is to be managed effectively. Keywords play a major role because they are some of the most searched words in Google and the inclusion of them in the website’s content increases the chance of a website to be ranked high in SERP.


Digital Marketing has definitely marked its existence and offers many advantages over the traditional means of marketing.

Undoubtedly digital marketing has taken over the naïve forms of marketing. Some of the notable advantages of Digital Marketing are:

  • Low Cost: Using the Internet to reach out to people will cost less. This is because most of the services provided on the Internet are offered for free and do not cost much. There are tools that offer free services for analysing the performance like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.
  • Global Reach: With the help of the Internet. Through many social media websites, it is possible to reach to anyone across the globe. Creating groups on social media with people who are interested in particular content and then promoting content within the group stands as an efficient means for digital marketing. The benefit of not travelling across and being able to promote content from a remote location saves time and cost for the company as well.
  • Personalization: The flexibility to come up with ideas with respect to one’s imagination in creating content and using digital means to promote it is what justifies the personalization criteria of digital marketing.
  • Measurable Results: Through tools that are available online to track and analyze the performance of the website, it has been easier to compare with competitors’ performance as well.
  • Higher Revenues: Since digital marketing has the added advantage of low cost, it will indirectly lead to the generation of higher revenue.


The Changing Side of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The Changing Side of Marketing – Conclusion

Social media and the Internet have their applications in every aspect of life.

Digital Marketing and its rapid growth are taking over many other naive forms of marketing.

This definitely leads to growth in the organizations and websites offering courses for SEM and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing continues to be the future of marketing. It really can be used to market any business, brand or product now or in the future.


That’s all for now.

So are you experienced in digital marketing.

Have you taken any of the marketing courses that are available online?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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Digital Marketing - The changing side of marketing
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In this new article, we are talking about the ever-changing side of Digital Marketing. Let's get started!
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  1. Nikola Roza
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    Hey Dexter, great piece. Digital marketing is always evolving, sometimes to the detriment of the web as a whole.
    For example I really don’t like that voice search is growing so fast.
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    Hi Dexter, I’ve been in marketing over 30 years, I was in print for a lot of it and digital as well. The newspaper I worked at was the first in the country to have a website so we had to learn it quick and early on. It really amazes me how far digital marketing has gone and the advance of social media over the years. It really has changed so much along with it. The jobs, the way we communicate and receive information.
    I’ve taken many courses over the years and continue to learn along the way as it changes so rapdily. This is a field where one must never stop learning!

    • Dexter Roona

      Yes, it is a constant learning process.

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    Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Analyzing and posting what audience like is the most successful way to create buzz and brand awareness. Keeping this in mind helps us to create a powerful and effective marketing strategy.

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    People’s attention spans are shorter now because of technology. That’s why technology is ever changing and trying to cope -up to the demands of people. That’s why with digital marketing, companies can have an edge among the rest. Thanks for sharing!

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    yeah, technology is ever changing so as our patterns for digital marketing. With the aim to reach a wider audience, the landscape of digital marketing is including a new effective way each year. Great value delivered from this article.

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