Leverage Your Google Plus Followers To Make Your Content Trend On Google?

So if you have visited my InfoBunny Blog before then your probably aware of my Google Plus Guide and Tutorial

Im a big advocate of Google Plus and all it does to help Bloggers and Marketers get seen and the advantages it gives us all with search results.

If your not familiar with my guide then you can just go Here

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Menu Banner


So in this post i wanted to drill down and evolve a strategy on how to leverage the power of Google Plus and your Google Plus Followers to get more engagement to your content. 

Leverage The Power Of Your Google Plus Followers

Now before i start to reveal my big idea let me point out that this strategy can really be used on any social site, in fact my Facebook and Google Friend Lesly Federici is doing something very similar on Facebook with her Facebook Fan Page Blitz and i guess some of the inspiration for this strategy subliminally comes from what she is currently doing there.

Ok so this Google Plus Strategy is going to leverage the power of your Google Plus Followers to bring you more engagement and conversation

It is a strategy that you will probably have to adapt. You are really going to have to think out side of the box if your going to apply this to what you do.

So Here Is How It Works And What You Need

Your going to need some Google Plus Followers, now don’t worry if you don’t, as i said before, think outside of the box, there is solution. There is no reason why Google Plus Engagement members cannot just replicate what im showing you here.

If you do work this strategy outside of our community then a mention would be appreciated for the initial idea and a follow on Google 😉

So like i have already said im going to be using my Google Plus Engagement Community for this strategy and leverage the power of the members and and my Google Plus Followers

I will make a post or posts and share them to the Google Plus Engagement Page and then to the Google Plus Engagement community. We will call them Engagement Share Posts

These Engagement Share Posts will mention the previous Share Posts engagers in the body of the new post.

Members who want to be added to the next Engagement Share Post and be mentioned just need to reply to the most recent share post, share the post and plu1. They must also comment on this InfoBunny article to get involved.


There are limitations on the number of people we will be able to mention on each new post so it is really a first come first served process so comment and engage early to get on the list early.

This article is really the foundation for me to share this idea with the web.

So Here Is The Post To Build Participants

Here are the qualifications to get involved. 


More Engagement, more +1s, more comments. Well then read on as we are going make whole groups of members trend at the same time!

I started the Google Plus Engagement Community with the idea that we could build a community together that would have the power to be able to send members posts viral and to the Whats Hot Section on Google Plus and effectively be trending. Now this is happening to some extent, i myself have had multiple community posts trending on What’s Hot.

Now i believe we are in position to help groups of community members all at the same time with Featured community posts.

If you would like to be involved in this the here is what you have to do

1/ Comment on this post that you would like to be involved, make it a real meaningful comment that i can reply to so we can keep the engagement moving along

2/ Plus 1 this post

3/ Re – Share this post making sure that you add in a little on what we are doing in the re-share box

4/ You MUST comment on the InfoBunny – How To Leverage The Power Of Google Plus blog post as a WordPress comment. Make your comment meaningful, perhaps you have a question to ask, please don’t just post comments like Add me or anything else like that. We want engagement and conversation and discussion.

5/ If your not already a member of the Google Plus Engagement Community then please join


6/ Follow    

And that is it!

All members will be added to the main body of the next Share Post so that for every re share that is made you will get a mention. Everyone who then completes the qualifications on the next Share Post will then be added to the next post.

There are limitations on the number of people we will be able to mention on each new post so it is really a first come first served process so comment and engage early to get on the list early to avoid diasapointment.

Are you in? 

Remember you must comment, plus 1, re-share and you MUST add a WordPress comment on this blog article

http://infobunny.com/leverage-power-google-plus ‎

Regards +InfoBunny




That is it for now, i will update this post once we have enough community members involved and give details of the post that we will attempt to send viral for all participants, who knows the call to action post above may well go viral as well 😉

Featured Post Images Below… the Biggest Being The Current Image


GOOGLE PLUS ENGAGEMENT FEATURED POST Google Plus Engagement Featured Post Image 2 what happens next   google plus engagement   Zion National Park, Utah Just a beautiful place! Needs to be on everyone's bucket list. repinned by  


Google Plus Engagement Post Share  


To your continued Success!

Regards Dexter Roona

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