Circloscope Guide and Tutorial Part 1

Getting Started With Circloscope – Ultimate Guide And Tutorial Part 1 Introduction And Getting Started Basics

What is Circloscope?

Circloscope is a complete management tool for Google Plus. It allows you to:

Circloscope Circle removing Options

  • Find and remove inactive profiles you are following
  • Find and remove members who do not have a profile image (Blue Heads)
  • Find and remove profiles you are circling and who are not circling/following back
  • Undo/Add profiles you accidentally remove

Circloscope Circle Adding Options

  • Find and add new Google Plus followers to your circles
  • Find and add engagers, members who are commenting, re-sharing and hitting the +1 button
  • Add users from shared circles
  • Add users from Google Plus Communities
  • Add users from posts

Removing Members From Your Circles With Circloscope

Google Plus allows you to follow 5000 members to your Profile and 5000 per Brand Page that your create and there are occasions when we follow users who become inactive or just don’t follow you back.

These profiles are basically dead wood on your account or page and basically take up our follower allocation and we are better off having members in our circles who engage with us so the dead wood needs to be trimmed.

So Here Is How To Remove Members Who Are Not Following Back With Circloscope?

The image below shows your Circloscope Dashboard with the pull down menu.

Circloscope Dashboard - How To Remove Members Not Following You

  1. Locate the Circloscope Dashboard
  2. Pull down onto relationships
  3. Select Not Following Back

That will load up the profiles who are not following back. 

how to remove members not following back

  1. Click Select
  2. Pull down to Select All

This will turn the background of all members showing from your selection from white to blue as per the image below.

How to remove members not following back on circloscope

  1. Select Action
  2. Pull down on the menu to Circle
  3. Select Remove to remove the followers selected and hit return.

Infobunny Pro Tip

[sociallocker id=”4362″]You can remove individual profiles from the selected list simply by clicking on then to turn them from Blue to White, you can then hit the X in the Top Right Hand Corner to remove them from the screen.[/sociallocker]

The video below by Christine DeGraff shows you how to remove those not following back and also shows you how to white list members so that you can’t accidentley remove them.

That completes Part 1 of our guide in Part 2 of the InfoBunny Circloscope Guide and Tutorial we will move onto how to find and add new members to your Google Circles and more importantly how to find the right people for your niche.

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Regards Dexter Roona



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