How to grow your network successfully?

Many people know the importance of networking. Yet many people still have trouble taking the step to approach one another to become better acquainted. In fact, I myself also still notice an occasional threshold to myself in a sense of false modesty not to be a burden for another. Networking is done with a purpose – How to grow your network successfully? It is not only you attaining a network meeting … Read More

Instagram compared against The8App

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Social media is dominated by just a handful of social sites. But are we limited to just using the big sites like Facebook Twitter,and Instagram when building a brand or promoting a business? Of course not. In fact becoming an early adopter on a Social startup can prove to be a very good move indeed. Of course, you have to choose the right startup. You are going to put effort … Read More

How to create Twitter Lists

Have you ever wondered how Twitter users control their Twitter Feeds when they have 1000s and 1000s of followers? well the answer is they use Twitter Lists But why do members allow their Twitter Feeds to get out of control? Well, the answer to this question is to gain fo followers. The more members you follow the more follow backs you get. The result is a good follower total but … Read More

The problem with paying social sites

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Paying Social Sites are an opportunity for change Social sites that reward members are now common place within social media. The message is clear that users should be rewarded for the content that they produce. The problem is that these new forward-looking, forward-thinking social sites get abused. Paying social sites are seen as a way to make money. Unfortunately, they don’t produce the monetary reward that members expect, disappointment sets in and … Read More

How to avoid social media drama

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 Don’t get involved in social media drama Social Media is full of opinions good ones and bad ones. These can sometimes lead to conflict and argument. If you are looking to use social media correctly then there is no room for social media drama with other site members you have never met and are never likely to. And there is certainly no place on social media for real life drama, … Read More

The Facebook Habit And How To Break It

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The Facebook HABIT – Facebook is nothing more than a BAD HABIT that you need to break!  If you ask Facebook users “why are you using Facebook?” they will say “because my friends are there”. Then you have all the guys saying yeah “Facebook is so great you can make a ton of money there, Facebook ads are the way to go”, they are just looking for their lamb to the … Read More

Tweet This a great FREE WordPress Plugin

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How to get more tweets on your blog articles with Tweet This We all need social shares to are sites and articles. Social shares help get our message out to our followers and fans. They bring us much needed traffic, more readers and interaction and more engagement to our pages. They help our articles and blogs to get indexed by the search engines faster and get them ranked much quicker. … Read More

Increase Your Social Reach With CoPromote

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I always get inspired when i come across a new site or app that is going to make the time that i spend on the web more productive. I am always looking for useful tools and resources to help me to work smart and i am happy to say i have come across a very useful site that just ticks all the boxes for me as a blogger and marketer.  … Read More

Join the8app social revolution

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It really is time to join the8App social revolution …. i don’t know about you guys but when i’m on Facebook all i can hear is the Star Wars music, you know the “da da da dahhh da da da dahh da dahhhh” I am on the deck looking out over cyberspace. I’m watching for the next big attack from the Facebook Death Star or Star Destroyer. Which new site will Facebook buy … Read More

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