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How To Rock Social Media Management

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How To Rock Social Media Management In Just 30 Minutes Per day

So here is a question.

How much time does your social media marketing take out of your workday?

Social Media is now a very common task for all online marketers as they build their social brand and home-based business opportunities. It is fair to say that these days social media takes up a larger part of a marketer’s day than it did even a year ago and a  lot more than they really want. The ever increasing effort to stay ahead of the competition is starting to drain even the most experienced internet marketer.

Online Internet Marketers are dedicating huge amounts of time to social media. Building their home-based business and online opportunities. But dedicating huge amounts of time is no indication that they are doing it right. The reality is that to rock social media management and build your home-based business or brand you really just have to spend around 30 mins per day, certainly not hours and hours, in fact, I would guess that the more time a marketer spends on social media, the less likely they are to actually have a real social media marketing strategy at all.

Many online internet marketers don’t know how to tackle the mountain that is social media and wind up wasting a lot of time haphazardly updating and monitoring their social presence instead and dare I say it. just socialising

How To Rock Social Media Management

Below is an infographic to help you determine which social media management tasks are the most important. And how much time you should ideally be spending on each.

Your social media management strategy should resemble the infographic example below. Identify the key tasks you need to complete during your day. And apply your 30-minute strategy to your home-based business opportunities today.

30-minute-social-media-management-strategy - how to rock social media management

InfoGraphic taken from Pardot.com

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    Some of these suggestions will have you moving very fast. But it seems manageable for most bloggers. Thanks
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