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RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News. Affordable Home Based Business and Advertising Platforms.

Here is the latest RicanAdFunds News and IsmAdsIncome News.

Both RicanAdfunds and IsmAds are undergoing restructuring to maintain the longevity of both RicanAdfunds and IsmAds.

RicanAdfunds and IsmAds combined final balances will be combined and will become your adpack balance. Please refer to the comments below for more information.


RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome have now been restructured

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RicanAdFunds News and IsmAdsIncome News 

RicanAdFunds News and IsmAdsIncome News

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Latest RicanAdFunds News and IsmAdsincome News  


RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News March 27, 2013

We will be issuing updates to cover each of the following today

RicanAdFunds Long Term Plan
Money Laundering and Member IDs
Site Availability
Support Tickets
Referral Commissions
Withdrawals & Earnings

Within these announcements there will be some news that you may not like but fundamentally the GOOD NEWS is that those who choose to support us in this difficult period will be earning an ongoing income in years to come.

Our intention is for RICAN businesses to provide long term earnings for us and our members. The last 6 months has been a steep learning curve for Richard, I and our team. During this period IsmAdsIncome, IsmMagic and RicanAdFunds have been subject to hacking, theft and fraud. Our members have been generally shielded from any such losses with us taking the hit.
We are now at a stage where the hackers are failing in their attempts to steal money, so in their frustration, they resort to crashing the server every day so as to undermine the confidence of the members.The actions being announced today are designed to secure the long term future of our sites and your earnings. We accept that there is some short term pain in this process but ultimately each member has a choice “shout scam as some are doing” or “support us and continue to earn long term”. Choosing the first option will help nobody including yourself, choose the second and you will be smiling for years to come.
RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome have grown and been far more successful than we imagined they would be, in a very short period. This has led to large sums of money being received and paid.
To ensure we comply with money laundering legislation members wishing to withdraw will need to provide proof of identity.

1. Government issued photo ID
2. Proof of addressAs a temporary measure we will allow withdrawals of $10 ( on IsmAds ) and $15 ( on RicanAdFunds ) per withdrawal without verification.

We will generate an encrypted verification code. You will have to enter your ID number (e.g. passport number) and the verification code every time you add a processor ID or make a withdrawal.
Processor IDs added with the verification code will be immediately approved. Those added without will be automatically approved after 14 days. The current security answer will no longer be required.
We will be adding a page to ismMagic where you will be able to upload your documents securely and provide other relevant information required.

1. All existing support tickets are cancelled.
2. If you have an unresolved support ticket, excluding pending withdrawals, please apply to join the following group on ismMagic http://www.ismmagic.com/groups/business/ismadsincome-support-tickets.html
3. You may then post support tickets here and we will deal with them as soon as we have access to the required admin functions.
4. By the 15th April we will have our new support desk in place. We will publish more details when it is available.

The IsmAdsIncome and RicanAdfunds sites will remain down / under maintenance until all code changes, to achieve the items in previous updates, are complete.
During this period subject to us having server / admin access we will work on clearing support tickets.
We estimate that completion will be on or before Monday 15th April.
Commission rates will be amended as follows – RicanAdFunds 5%, 3% and 1%
IsmAdsIncome 4%,2% and 1% with the current IsmMagic bonus remaining as is.All future referral commissions must be used to purchase ad units or be withdrawn to the e-wallet and used to purchase ad units or services in IsmRican programs.Unlike many sites our members will continue to earn referral commission on re-purchases.
In line with the “Money Laundering and Members IDs” announcement, all current withdrawals will be cancelled and added back to your unpaid balance. While this will be a great disappointment to many and may cause short term problems for some, it is for the longer term benefit of all as

1. We must comply with money laundering legislation with immediate effect;
2. The large number of processor IDs added recently suggests there may be a high level of fraudulent activity.

Withdrawals will available as soon as the site is back up.On the plus side earnings will be added daily to existing units while the site is offline. We have all the data securely backed up, offline, to enable us to do this.

The reasons for verification are:
1.To comply with all money laundering legislation
2.To comply fully with UK tax legislation
3.To ensure we can continue to take payment from one processor and pay out to another
4.To ensure we can continue to offer the e-wallet
5.Anti fraud measureThe decision to require ID verification is made and will not be reversed.

Please do not ask me discuss it.We will notify members when the upload is available. Full instructions will be included as to what are acceptable document.

Richard, the team and I are working long hours to make this work and it will succeed.
You will not be surprised that I do not appreciate receiving abusive and threatening posts.
The situation is very simple members can behave like adults, be civilised and give us the time to sort this out or not.
Any member who chooses to send me abusive or threatening posts should be aware they are committing a criminal offence and the consequences will be:

1.Your IsmMagic, IsmAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds accounts will be deleted without recompense;
2.Your criminal action may be reported.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News March 30, 2013

Uploading Proof of ID, this feature is not yet available, we will notify you when it is.
In the meanwhile DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT upload your proof of ID as your profile picture on IsmMagic. That is not secure anyone can see it.
We have now rebuilt the server and have full copies of the live databases (IsmAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds) on our test systems. The code and security updates are on schedule.
The live systems will continue to be re-directed to the blogs until 15th April.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 06, 2013

Secure Proof Of ID Upload. We are currently developing and testing this feature on IsmMagic.
All uploads will be fully encrypted for your security.
We aim to have this available on Monday 8th April for you to start uploading documents.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 08, 2013

You may now upload your Proof of ID and Proof of Address at IsmMagic.
Log into IsmMagic.
From the Main Menu select My Account and E-Wallet
From the E-Wallet sub-menu select Upload Security Documents
Please read the instructions carefully.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 10, 2013 RicanAdFunds Update

The document approval process is manual so please do not panic if they are not approved instantly.Please check that your name and address on your ismMagic Profile are as per the documents submitted. To check or edit this, from the ismMagic main menu, select “Social Wall + Login”, login if required, then from the “Lower Menu” select My Profile, Edit Profile.If you edit your profile when you save the changes you may be taken to a blank page. If this happens go back a page to view the changes made.

We are updating the “Approval Process” code. This will require us to re-approve those we did yesterday, no action is required on your part. Do not panic if the status of your uploads changes from “Approved” to “Awaiting Approval”

Some documents have been rejected because we can not read them. If the status of either of your documents changes to awaiting upload please submit new files and check they are readable.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 11, 2013
Please note that the Proof of Address document you submit must have both your name and address on it.
Many members are wasting our time and their time, by uploading Proof of ID and Proof of Address documents when either their name, their address or both are missing from their profile.If your documents have not been approved, check and update if required your name and address on your IsmMagic Profile (Social Wall + Login – Profile – Edit Profile)After tomorrow
1. If your name is missing from your profile any submitted Proof of ID will be rejected.
2. If your address is missing your Proof of Address will be rejected.Please ensure the documents submitted are readable.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 13, 2013 
Some members have suggested that us asking for Proof of Identity and Address is illegal! It is perfectly legal and covers our obligations with regard to money laundering legislation.
You do not have to upload documents the choice is yours.The benefits of uploading your documents and verifying you account are:1. You can take advantage of our improved security;
2. You will be able to withdraw more than $15 per day from RicanAdFunds and $10 per day from IsmAdsIncome.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 14, 2013

Progressing Your Doucment Uploads

1. Visit the “Upload Security Documents” page regularly to check the status of your upload, until it is “Approved!”.

2. Status = Approved! Success no further action required.

3. Status = Profile Update Required. You need to update your name and / or address in your ismMagic profile. From the Social Wall select My Profile – Edit Profile. Please ensure that your name and address details agree to the documents submitted.

4. Status = Awaiting Approval. Check back to monitor status changes.

5. Status = Documents Required. Please upload (or re-upload) “Proof of ID” and “Proof of Address” documents as required. The two documents must be different.

If we reject the documents provided. Your status on the “Upload Security Documents” page will return to “Documents Required”. There are various reasons why we may have rejected your documents.

Proof Of ID
1. Document is unreadable.
2. Document is not suitable. We will not accept college / university ID cards
3. Document is not a photo ID.
4. Document is not for the named member.
5. Document does not contain a unique ID or we cannot read the ID number.

Proof of Address
1. Document is unreadable.
2. Document is the same as the “Proof of ID” document.
3. Document does not display name and address of the member.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 15, 2013 

Return of RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome

We are still working and doing final testing on RicanAdFunds, it should be live sometime today (UK time).

RAF has been moved to a new dedicated server.

When RAF is live its members need to do the following, once their documents are approved on ismMagic.

1. From ismMagic activate the e-wallet for RicanAdFunds(select MyAccount + E-Wallet form the menu and follow the instructions)
2. Create your Magic (security) Code in RicanAdFunds (new menu option in RAF). You will need the “ID/Document Number” from your approved submitted “Proof of ID”.

Please be careful when creating your Magic Code.
a) You can do this only once.
b) You cannot change it once created.
c) It is encrypted so we cannot tell you what it is.

I will be available on Skype and IsmMagic to help with problems regarding activating your e-wallet and Magic Code. I will only respond to support tickets on these two issues this week. We anticipate a large number of support calls regarding this and so have decided to not make IsmAdsIncome live until later this week.

Members of  IsmAdsIncome will need to do the same once it is live.

To reduce workload on Admin and enable us to deal with a range of issues including support tickets:

Withdrawal requests made Friday to Monday will be paid on Tuesday.

Withdrawal requests made Tuesday to Thursday will be paid on Friday.

UK time will apply.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 15, 2013 

We are still working on RicanAdFunds.1. All essential code is tested.
2. Team is taking a sensible break.
3. We have to update the live database structure.
4. Carry out final testing.
5. If all the above goes OK we can still have site live today.In view of the number of members who will be activating their e-wallets, withdrawal to and purchases from the e-wallet will be disabled for the 1st 24 hours.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 15, 2013


RicanAdFunds is essentially ready to go live and we could do that now, so as to meet our target of the 15th April.We also appreciate with so many members needing to activate their E-Wallet and Magic Code that a large number of support calls may arise.Our team need a good night’s rest before facing this challenge so we will do one final round of testing tomorrow morning and them make the system live at 2pm (UK time).
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAd News April 19, 2013 RicanAdFunds

Magic Code Generation

This process is not difficult1. Upload documents in IsmMagic
1.1 Select My Account – E-Wallet – Upload Security Documents
1.2 Check frequently to find out when your documents are approved. They must be approved for you to generate your Magic Code2. Activate E-wallet for RicanAdFunds in IsmMagic.
2.1 Select My Account – E-Wallet – Activation. Your e-Wallet must be activated for RicanAdFunds before you can generate your Magic code for RicanAdFunds.3. In RicanAdFunds Select “Create Magic No” The ID number to enter is the ID number on the Proof of Address document you submitted. e.g. Passport No, Driving License No…..
Some member have expressed concerns with regards to uploading documents, the security and who may have access to those documents.Security1. The documents are stored in an encrypted format.
2. Once approved the documents are removed from the server and stored offline electronically, again in an encrypted format.
3. ImsMagic has SSL security on the site.Who may view the documents1. UK tax authorities may ask us to prove, for UK tax audit purposes, which country a member lives in. They would have the right to view the documents.
2. UK financial and law enforcements authorities would have the right to view the documents with appropriate warrants issued by a UK court.
3. Non UK authorities that have reciprocal arrangements with the UK may have the right to view documents but only with the appropriate warrants issued by a UK court.
4. Selected members of our staff for the purpose of approving the documents or providing support to members in generating their Magic Code.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 19, 2013 RicanAdFunds

Some members attempted to re-purchase units immediately the site was re-launched, the money was taken from the accounts but the units were not added.
We are writing a piece of code that will allow us easily to add those funds back to your account balance. We will deal the support tickets as soon as this is done.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAds News April 22, 2013 


The reason withdrawals were not done on Friday is that Richard has been in hospital all weekend.
He has just returned home; I will be speaking to him in about an hour, we will provide a further update later today.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 22, 2013
RicanAdFunds payment requests are now processing, great news for everyone!
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 23 2013 
We anticipate being up to date with the backlog of “Purchase Approvals”, “Missing Units” & “Withdrawals” by the beginning of next week.
We continue to approve documents and fix e-wallet activation errors.Please do not send in support tickets regarding document approvals, this is just causing a delays and helping nobody.
We now plan to have IsmAdsIncome live on Monday or Tuesday next week. By then we should have cleared enough of the outstanding RAF support tickets to enable us to achieve this.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 24 2013 RicanAdFunds Update
Richard Cannon Update  
In business, as in life, things don’t always go the way we want them to and sometimes that is a good thing. For us at RicanAdFunds many things have happened since the end of last year that have hindered our progression in many areas due to the vast amount of time that we have had to consecrate to RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome.
RicanAdFunds has suffered because of this. We have tried to make our sites more secure, faster, more efficient, and constantly progressing – some of these attempts have not worked and we have created more work for ourselves and more stress.
My health has also been an issue in not getting as much done as I wanted and needed and this has also engendered much fatigue. So, we are not where we want to be today and not where we had planned to be.
Today we are faced with so many support issues and questions along with thousands of accounts to approve ID’s and address confirmation documents for. We are faced with the need for more trained personnel in order to manage the daily needs of our sites as far as purchase approvals, transaction verifications, financial control and payment processing. We have also, through our own actions, created much doubt among our members and future members. All of this concerns me greatly and instils in me a huge awareness of the magnitude of the tasks that need to be accomplished.
I want to make it very clear that I will not, we will not, give up on our objectives of which RicanAdFunds and ISMAI are a considerable part.
I will be spending time with Russell and our technical team; I will be taking on new people and training these people and current personnel to carry out various functions in order to make sure that the absence of personnel will not hinder the daily functioning of our sites – not even my absence.
I will continue to invest time, energy and money to ensure not only the longevity of RicanAdFunds and the Rican Group but also its’ continual progression and growth. Payments will continue to be made today and over the next few weeks I will be doing all that we need to do to get everything back on track and prove that we will be around for a very long time.
I appreciate your concerns, worries and fears and I also truly appreciate your continued support despite all that has happened. Bad people have tried to bring us down and will surely continue to do so but they will not win – neither I nor Russell nor any of the team will allow that to happen. We will not give up and we will be what you want and need us to be – the best. You were not wrong to continue to believe in us – all is not perfect right now, far from it, but over the next few weeks we will get there.
Thank you.
P.S. Please do not add support tickets to this post as they will not be answered. Any support issues must go to the relevant support groups on ISMMAGIC in order to be answered. The new support ticket software will be in place in the next few days.
I have been asked why I said ‘a few weeks’ in my post – this is my answerI am only trying to be realistic and not make any false promises – we are making payments now, approving ID’s, inputting missing ad packs, approving purchases all whilst still working on the script to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should and making improvements – I really believe that we will only be back to normal in a few weeks – we can not feasibly do all this in just a few days.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 25, 2013 

Richard Cannon Update

I have been asked why I said ‘a few weeks’ in my post – this is my answerI am only trying to be realistic and not make any false promises – we are making payments now, approving ID’s, inputting missing ad packs, approving purchases all whilst still working on the script to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should and making improvements – I really believe that we will only be back to normal in a few weeks – we can not feasibly do all this in just a few days.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 26, 2013


Many member are having problems with e-wallet activation.1. If it you are receiving an invalid user name error, then ensure your RicanAdFunds user id in the IsmMagic downline builder (My Account – Down line Builder)uses lower case letters only. e.g. Change “ABC123″ to “abc123″.2. Resident of the USA who were receiving an address validation error should now retry, I have fixed the “Country” data to be the same in both sites.3. If you are receiving an ID already in use error submit a support ticket in the IsMagic “RicanAdFunds Support Ticket” group if you have not done so.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 29, 2013 

The RicanAdFunds bug that stopped some members generating their Magic Code is now fixed.

If when generating your Magic Code, you were redirected to the RicanAdFunds home or log in page please try again and it should now work.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News April 30, 2013 

Our senior programmer is traveling today and tomorrow. I will traveling tomorrow and Thursday. We also still have significant backlog of support tickets and approvals to complete on RIcanAdFunds, together with some minor fixes to complete.For the above reasons we have decide to delay ismMagic going live until Friday 3rd May.
To enable us to efficiently respond to RicanAdFunds support tickets, all support tickets must be posted by the member concerned.Tickets posted on behalf of other members will no longer be accepted.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News May 01, 2013 

Forgotten your RicanAdFunds password?You may now recover it from the “RICANADFUNDS  LOGIN PAGE”.All support tickets relating to forgotten RICANADFUNDS  passwords will be deleted.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News May 04, 2013 

IsmAdsIncome is live againIf any member has a problem creating a Magic Code on ismAI, please try again it is fixed.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News May 07, 2013 
RicanAdFunds Update Richard Cannon Update
If I had known when we started Ricanadfunds  all that I now know, I still would have done it but I would have done it differently.
Since December the progression of the Rican Group has been neglected and all of our attention has gone into Rican PN.
This was not our intention and has not been positive for the Group as a whole.
We have encountered so many situations some of which really hurt us and threatened to finish us off commercially.
I have previously indicated much of that which we have had to put up with in order to still be here today and all that we still have to deal with as things are still far from perfect.
All of this has had a negative effect on my health, my motivation and moral and I admit at times I have really felt like I just wanted it all to be over so that I could focus on things where we were not constantly attacked.
We have made mistakes too in the form of bad ideas, bad decisions and our lack of experience, which have in some ways also been a great asset.
We have learned a lot and now feel that we know just about enough to be able to run programs and companies like these.
At the risk of repeating myself, I will not give up on the Rican Group and all that I, we want to achieve.
I have the genuine intention of changing many people’s lives for the good for I truly believe that we exist to help and serve others and not to bring them down and break them.
The Group has immense potential to do exactly that, to change people’s lives and to make this world just a little better for most of us. Many refuse to adhere to such thinking and that is their loss, and they may continue to be negative, threatening and rude, their attitudes will not affect our objectives or our desire to achieve them.
The final part of this update will be given after our meeting tomorrow with a great company which is in the business of making people’s lives easier, more rewarding and much more profitable.
We are looking with them towards a new method of paying our members and clients without being subject to the limitations of payment processors and our technical ability to interact with them at a speed that is not only good for us but also much more efficient and satisfactory for you.
We will also be making ismMagic much more pivotal in its role within the Rican Group of companies by making it a central point of the income generating process and a gateway to all that we do so that you can earn from many income sources.
Our existing companies will be developed in order to provide you not only with ways of saving money but also many more ways of generating income.
We will also be progressing with the promised developments and new companies and activities that were discussed way back in December but which, due to the many hindrances we have had, have not happened as quickly as planned.
This last four months has been a nightmare time for me and has caused Russell and his team to work unceasingly, without break or vacation to keep the ship afloat.
For this I can only say ‘Thank you Russell, we would not be here today without you and your tireless efforts’.
As for you, you have been so patient, positive, supporting and generally amazing that I cannot thank you enough for putting up with all that we have had to put you through.
I know many are discouraged and have lost confidence in us, for that I am very sorry and hope that as we show our progression over the next few days and weeks you will see that we always intended to pull through and make Rican all that we always knew it could be and should be.
I will add to this update tomorrow so as to give you a time scale for payments after we have discussed the options in our meeting.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News May 09, 2013  Update as promised on RicanAdFunds
written by Richard Cannon

I don’t want to make this a long, drawn out update because we need to get back to making the payments. I am training new people to do this so that we can process the payments more quickly and so that I don’t have to be there for payments to be made. I have been badly organised and not able to do all that I wanted to.The meeting yesterday allowed us to explore the possibility of giving everyone an account with RicanAdFunds and where we issue you with a card to which payments can be made and this card can be used to make payments like any other Prepaid Card and can also be used to draw out cash at ATMs. The other option is that you can link your own debit card to the account and we can pay directly to your card. This card could also be used for purchases on our sites or others as you can use your account balance to do so and in most countries you would be able to load the card either directly from your bank or by a few other methods. We would not store any of this information. This option would allow us to do without the Payment Processors in general apart from some countries where we would need to keep using them for members to purchase. In all countries, however, we can pay to these cards. There will be a charge for the card but it would be much less than the current fees that are being taken by the Payment Processors.We will also be using ismMagic as the centre of all Rican Companies and their activities. ismMagic will become the portal to everything we do and will do and will allow you to earn from all our corporate activities and not only our sites. This way everyone will get updates on everything, support for their questions and problems and a direct means of communication to the Rican Personnel.I will go into this in much more detail in a few days so as to let you know how long this would take but please know that our partnership with this new company could also take the shape of us being part owners of their Group and will also provide Rican Group another income stream.We have been working on this for a while now and are very happy with the discussions and agreements that are being put into place.I know that there are many that have lost faith so we will be organising a meeting here in the UK in the next week or so for a few members to come and explore what we are doing and see for themselves – I think this is more than necessary and will serve to show that we still have nothing to hide.RicanAdFunds payments will resume tomorrow morning and will continue until we have caught up the RicanAdFunds backlog. I am sure that by training new people at the same time that this could actually be accomplished by the end of next week.

I appreciate your constant support and am sure that as we catch up our members will rewarded for their patience.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News written by Richard Cannon , May 20, 2013

I know that there are many more that support us than those that just want to bring us down – their negative attitudes have done more damage than the hackers. If they had a grain of intelligence they would realise that no new funds are coming in now (to all intents and purposes) so if we are still here it is not because of the fortune we are making it is because we want to continue and not disappear. Yes we have problems but they will not destroy our intention and desire to make it possible for many people to earn incomes that will change their lives.

RicanAdFunds was developed not with the rich in mind but for those who have very little and deserve so much more. All of those people who were and are willing to do something to change their lives for the good should have a chance of being rewarded for their efforts – those who have nothing should have so much more and those of us who already have so much could also earn as we help others.

We have had a problem with mass pay that kept crashing the sites, both ours and the PP sites. We hope that we have solved this issue now and it appears to be functioning better and faster. Russell and his team finally got to the root of the problem and understood what was going wrong – so again thanks to them.

Due to the volume of payments being made, mistakes have been made and other problems encountered. We have had issues where payments were made twice – that is the amounts were debited twice and double payments sent to members. Some payments were updated and not sent to members accounts – we still don’t know how this happened and have to correct these errors. LR payments seem to be rejected from time to time without any real reason that we can see – we think that as we send big volumes through to LR that the mass pay link times out and kicks the rest out. Russell’s new code should now mean that this doesn’t happen anymore as the number of payments in each batch has been drastically reduced.

I will be talking to Russell this week about finding a way to prioritise those whose accounts are not yet in profit and making sure that this doesn’t happen again. We need to create a system that doesn’t continue to absorb so many people’s time at the cost of the development of the group.

Many people have threatened us with all sorts of nasty and insulting messages – to these people I can only say that I can understand your frustration and possible anger but none of that is helping us or you so please continue to work with us as we will overcome all of this and soon be able to put all of this behind us. I will see how far we get by Friday before making any promises on the finalisation of all payments. Our goal has always been long term and we are not distracted from those objectives – short term issues will not defeat our long term vision. Remember that if I wanted to scam you I wouldn’t be here now I would have gone a long time ago.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News written by Russell ISMmagic, May 21, 2013
If you are unable to access the RicanAdFunds Support Ticket Group via the normal menu links

1. Please go to http://www.ismmagic.com/groups…scussions/ to post your ticket if covered 1 of the 10 standard topics

2. Go to http://www.ismmagic.com/groups…walls.html to post your ticket if not covered by 1 above.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News written by Russell ISMmagic, May 25, 2013 

UPDATE MAY 25TH RicanAdFunds Update
It would appear that “Liberty Reserve” may have shut down.http://blog.donothingmoney.com/liberty-reserve-is-down-payment-processor/What we do know is that that our LR payment api link has not been working for at least the last 2 to 3 days.Richard and I are trying to find more information; however if this news is correct then it has implications for ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds.It is our intention to continue with these two programs and we will be working on how best to achieve this.While we assess the implications of the Liberty Reserve situation we are disabling1. E-wallet
2. Purchases
3. Re-purchasesI have every confidence that we will overcome this latest challenge.

Whatever solution we decide upon, the 2 major criteria are1. No member shall lose
2. RianAdFunds and IsmAdsincome will continue
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News 28/MAY

The demise of LR has hit us very hard and along with the limitations developing with PM, EP and STP we have to realise that using Payment Processors is really not the best way of doing business, although many think that running a business like ours is not possible without them. In the short term we are currently looking at other Processors to be able to have options available to our members.

We are also looking into how we rebound from this blow and will obviously have to make some drastic changes which I, Russell and the team will be discussing in detail in an effort to create a viable solution to this situation.

Longer term, the Card option is the best but that will still take a few months to implement.

We have cancelled all pending and in progress withdrawals on both RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsincome in order to get an exact position, member by member, so that we can see exactly what we need to do to get Rican and our programs back to where we were just a couple of months ago. When we resume full activity it will be with a clean sheet so that all can be paid in turn without any backlogs to slow us down.

We, like you, are tired of all these problems that constantly hinder us but unlike many of you who have given up on us and choose just to insult us, we have not given up on you and will not get away from our long term objective to help people change their lives through giving greater access to reasonable incomes.

Also, to quash some of the stupid rumours, we were never dependant on Profitable Sunrise, Felmina, Profit Clicking or any other program for our funding. Any mention of this kind of theory is totally false and usually promoted by those who have an IQ lower than your average garden pea.

RicanAdFunds  will continue, we will not give up and we will get back to where we were. Those that continue to support us will be very happy that they did and those that choose not to support us will be very happy that we don’t bear grudges and will pay them anyway.

Yet again, at this point in time we could quite easily close shop and move on – we choose not to, we chose to continue and though there will be changes we are making sure that these changes are as fair as possible and that we all work together to assure our longevity.

We will get back to you in the next couple of days to announce how we move forward. We thank you in advance for your continued support and for not posting negative comments that help no one.


RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News - Restructure
written by Russell ISMmagic, May 30, 2013 

ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds Restructure To say that the demise of Liberty Reserve created a severe financial issue for us would be the understatement of the year. Many facing such an issue would have closed their doors and walked away; we do not see that as being morally acceptable and will restructure ismAI and RAF to ensure their ongoing viability for the benefit of the members.
All earnings, re-purchases and e-wallet transactions will be rolled back to the 31st March 2013.We will calculate a “combined balance for each member” based on
1.+ Referral commission to 31st March
2.+ Earnings to 31st March
3.+ Capital Balance, being unexpired portion of active units as at 31st March + external purchases after 31st March
4.- Withdrawals paid (including withdrawals to the e-wallet up to 31st March).The balances for both sites will be combined then split into
1.Free balance = purchases via external processors less withdrawals to external processors if greater than zero. This balance will be available for members to withdraw.
2.The rest will be converted into units.There will be two sites ongoing, your balance will be added to
1.ismAdsIncome for non EU members
2.RicanAdFunds for EU members.Both sites will have $10 units paying profit share of 1.5% per day for 100 working days (Mon-Fri)
Each $10 unit will attract 3000 x 3 ad credits on (the applicable) site + 500 ismMagic “Magic Points”
You will have to be a member of ismMagic to access either site.
Earnings on the restructured units will commence from 1st July 2013.Referral Commissions will be
5%, 3% & 1% on new purchases
3% & 1% on re-purchases and e-wallet purchases
All ongoing referral commissions may only be used to purchase ad units.We are working on a “card option” for withdrawals until this is in place we will continue with Solid Trust Pay and EgoPay as our processors. We have looked at other processors but including these will only create added complications.
We will change the generation of the Magic Code to be done from within ismMagic and a single Magic Code will be used for all Rican programs. For that reason all tickets relating to lost Magic Codes will be deleted.
RicanAdFunds – IsmAdsIncome Update 30/5/2013Members may continue to belong to to both RicanAdFunds – IsmAdsIncome, so that they continue to receive commission on their downline in each program.In RicanAdFunds only EU residents will be able to purchase ad unitsIn IsmAdsIncome only non-EU residents will be able to purchase ad units.
10/06/2012 Richard Cannon UpdateWe will be having a meeting tomorrow with Russell and a few members of the team to assess our progress with the sites and the development of the businesses that will be linked. I am very excited by the changes that are coming. Although things have not been at all easy, to say the least, and many people are disappointed by all of the disruption and feel that the sites have gone for good, I know that all of this has only served to make us better and stronger. We have had to look at how we will make Rican Group more solid and how we can generate all of our members additional income streams for now and long into the future. The card program will facilitate many things and will create additional opportunities for our members. We are working on the other businesses and have now created three more companies as we intended to do at the start of the year – we are getting back on track to be as massive and excessively successful as we previously envisioned and intended. I understand peoples disappointment and annoyance but I know that all that we are doing will very soon win them back and they will then see that we meant all we said and we are and always build something wonderful for everyone. As I have already said “we have not given up on you and we will not get away from our long term objective to help people change their lives through giving greater access to reasonable incomes.” This is our goal, our vision and our driving force, to create a greater financial equality. I will update you after the meeting in the next couple of days. :)
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News - Magic Code Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, June 13, 2013 

Members will now have one Magic Code for all ism/Rican programs.This code is generated on the “Upload Security Documents” page in ismMagic, once your documents are approved.Members who previously generated their Magic Code(s) in RAF or ismAI must create a new one in ismMagic.Please note the “Manage Processor IDs” is temporarily disabled in RAF and ismAI, as it has to be updated to use the new unitary Magic code.
RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News - Are You Ready For 1st July?
written by Russell ISMmagic, June 18, 2013 
RAF & ismAdsIncome are on target for being fully operational on the 1st July.Are you prepared for 1st July? Have you done the following?1. Joined ismMagic, you will not be able to access your RAF or ismAdsIncome accounts unless you are a member of ismMagic.2. Updated the ismMagic downline builder with your (RAF / ismAI) user names, lower case only.3. Uploaded your docs and created a Magic Number within ismMagic. You will need this to make larger withdrawals and for immediate update of processor ids.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News - Are You Ready For 1st July?

written by Russell ISMmagic, June 18, 2013 

RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome are on target for being fully operational on the 1st July.Are you prepared for 1st July? Have you done the following?1. Joined ismMagic, you will not be able to access your RicanAdFunds or IsmAdsIncome accounts unless you are a member of ismMagic.2. Updated the ismMagic downline builder with your (RicanAdFunds / IsmAdsIncome) user names, lower case only.3. Uploaded your docs and created a Magic Number within ismMagic. You will need this to make larger withdrawals and for immediate update of processor ids.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News - New FB Rican Page

written by Richard Cannon , June 28, 2013 

Check out the new Rican Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/RicanBV

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News 1st July Data Restructure

written by Russell ISMmagic, June 30, 2013 

We are using the “Country” from your ismMagic Profile to determine which site members restructured balance will be added to.If you have not updated the country field in your ismMagic Profile, then we cannot add your balance to the ismAI or RAF database.The data for the initial upload is being collated now.If you have not added your Country to your ismMagic Profile do so now to ensure you are included in the 2nd upload.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

Withdrawals and Processors Post 1st July
written by Russell ISMmagic, June 30, 2013 

Until such time as the Rican Prepaid Cards are available for us to pay out to the only processor that will be available is Solid Trust Pay.The maximum withdrawal per day to STP during this period will be $150 per day (5 days per week). I will contact members, later this week, who currently have in excess of 2000 units post restructure.Until the 14th July we will allow a withdrawal of $15 per day without a Magic code, thereafter all withdrawals will require a Magic Code verification.Once the cards are issued daily withdrawal limits will beVerified $75 per day (5 days per week)
Enhanced Verified $375 per day (5 days per week)Details of how to obtain enhanced verification will be issued when appropriate.Daily withdrawals. 5 per week are based on UK time areMonday 15:00:01 to Tuesday 15:00:00
Tuesday 15:00:01 to Wednesday 15:00:00
Wednesday 15:00:00 to Thursday 15:00:00
Thursday 15:00:01 to Friday 15:00:00
Friday 15:00:01 to Monday 15:00:00

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

Restructured Data Upload
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013

The code for both ismAI & Ricanadfunds is ready and on the live sites.There are some minor changes to make to ismMagic that will be done today.The data upload is in two parts1. Restructured new units (standard upload, will be uploaded today.
2. FREE balance available for withdrawal -requiring a special import routine. This data will uploaded either today or tomorrow.Despite our best efforts to combine members balances from Ricanadfunds & ismAI information submitted by users makes it impossible to do this with guaranteed accuracy. Therefore your restructured balance will be added back to the original program.If you are a non-EU of Ricanadfunds you will be able to withdraw your earnings from Ricanadfunds or transfer them to the e-wallet and buy units in ismAI. similarly for EU members of ismAI.If as a result of this you are opening a new ismAI or Ricanadfunds account please have the courtesy to ask your existing Ricanadfunds or ismAI sponsor for their referral url.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

Progress Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013 

1. Restructure Units Data uploaded to both ismAI & RAF2. Free Balance data upload being worked on now.3. Countries database being updated with EU information
Progress Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013

All data is now loaded for both RAF an ismAI.We need to sort a few server permission issues for it to work.As soon as that is done RAF will be set to “live”.Provided there are no issues major we will make ismAI live 1 to 2 hours later.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

Restructured Balances
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013 

The restructured balances are what they are, everyone has suffered a set-back but all have come out with an overall profit. Please do not ask me to review them they have already been double checked.This does not include the odd member or two who have been banned for threatening or abusive behavior.

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

E-Wallet Disabled
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013

There is a minor issue with e-wallet that we will fix in the morning so it will be disabled until then

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News

Support Tickets
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 02, 2013 

1. Restructured Balance. Please note these figures have all been checked and the units you now have are all new and will earn profit share for the full 100 days. Do NOT send in support tickets regarding your restructured balance and units it is what it is.
2. Support tickets must be posted in the appropriate support group.2a. RAF support tickets http://www.ismmagic.com/groups…ckets.html2b ismAIm support tickets http://www.ismmagic.com/groups…ckets.html2c Support Tickest regarding Magic Code may be submitted in either of the above groups.2d. Support tickets posted elsewhere will be deleted.3. You may only submit your own support tickets. If you send in tickets on behalf of someone else they will be deleted.4. This week & next support tickets regarding generation of Magic Code are being prioritized.4a. Do not send in support tickets asking for your docs to be approved as a priority they are being dealt with by our approval team. Visit the upload docs page daily to check progress.4b. If you are unable to open the “Upload Security Docs” page then use this link (must be logged in).

RicanAdFunds News – IsmAdsIncome News


Non EU Members
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 02, 2013 

Non EU residents may no longer purchase ad units in RicanAdFunds.
You may earn referral commissions and existing members will earn from any units they have following the restructure.
You should contact your RicanAdFunds sponsor and join ismAdsIncome using their ismAI referral url.
If they are not a member of ismAI then join it via the ismMagic downline builder.
From the main menu above select MyAccount : Downline Builder.
You can transfer referral earnings in RicanAdFunds to the e-wallet and then use it to purchase ad units in ismAI.
Earnings from any restructured units in  may be withdrawn via STP.
RicanAdFunds – IsmAdsIncome Withdrawal Payment Schedule
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 20, 2013 

We successfully processed a few withdrawals via STP on Wednesday (17th July) using the new api.Richard is training James today on our internal payment procedures, he will take responsibility for this function thereafter.Our planned payments schedule is as followsPay Date – Pay Requests up to22nd July – 3rd July
23rd July – 7th July
24th July – 10th July
25th July – 14th July
26th July – 17th July
30th July – 21st July
31st July- 24th July

Thereafter we will pay withdrawals 1 week in arrears

In view of the issues regarding payment of withdrawals the ability request withdrawals of $15 without a Magic code is being extended to 31st July.

RicanAdFunds - IsmAdsIncome Support

Still Have A RicanAdFunds Or IsmAdsIncome Problem? 

Send In A Support Ticket

Join ismMagic CLICK HERE

then join

Rican Support Ticket Group


IsmAdsIncome Support Ticket Group

Then post your support ticket there. You can also add me on Skype and i will add you to the Skype Help Room.

Add me to Skype


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