How to use Wakelet – How I use Wakelet

So Wakelet, what’s it all about? Well for those of you who don’t know Wakelet is a content curation site that is really starting to stand out from the crowd and gain momentum. In this article, I will be showing … Read More

How to avoid Google Penalties 2018/19

A new Google algorithm update can be very scary for some webmasters. It can bring a lot of uncertainty into the mind. “How will the algorithm changes affect my site?” “Will I lose traffic?” “Will I see a drop in my … Read More

My Simple getting started guide to Gutenberg

So have you heard of Gutenberg, the new WordPress Visual Editor replacement for the conventional HTML editor? If not then you will soon have because when WordPress version 5.0 is released Gutenberg will replace the current editor. Gutenberg is more than … Read More

How To Write Great Blog Comments

Blog commenting tends to get some very bad press but in this article, we are going to give you the positive side of blog commenting and show you  how to write great blog comments Commenting is often seen as a … Read More

5 Herbs That Boost Your Energy Levels

The first thing many want to do when they feel exhausted is to grab a cup of coffee or open up a can of cola. While these may give a quick energy boost, using them comes at a heavy price … Read More

20 Benefits of healthy eating

Willing to make some positive changes to your diet but still need a push in the right direction? Well, this article will push you so hard you might fall.On the other hand, many people perceive healthy diet as boring and … Read More

How to optimize for dwell time

So we are hearing a lot about Dwell Time and how we should be optimizing for dwell time SEO. But what is it and how do we optimize for dwell time? Well here is how you do it. Ok, so … Read More

9 Ways To Optimize Your Site For RankBrain

When Google used to release an Algorithm Update, marketers and webmasters would go into panic mode and ask the question “Is my traffic gonna go up or drop down?” The main Reason Google kept releasing Algorithm Update is that they … Read More

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