Getting something back for your content –

UPDATE  19/8/2018 – Fliiby has now closed down Hi everybody, After 11 years of operating Fliiby and more than 200 million visitors globally, we’re shutting down the service today. READ MORE Introducing Fliiby We all post our pictures, moments and … Read More

New Social Site Swiends!

What is Swiends (Social Winning Friends)? A brand new site that many are joining and would love to have you too!! Swiends is a social platform where you can meet up with artists, writers, actors, producers, and other amazing people like … Read More

Looking at things with a brighter perspective!

Turning a negative to a positive for many! Living in a world of hate it seems almost impossible to keep a “positive perspective”. As intelligent beings you would think we would know right from wrong. A lot of us are … Read More

How to grow your Instagram followers

How to grow your Instagram audience Instagram is a social channel that lets it’s members expand their brand through their images. For businesses especially, it’s a way to humanise the brand and bring it to followers. New products can be … Read More

31 IFTTT and Zapier Marketing Automation Recipes

In this new article, we explore some of the very clever marketing automation recipes you can use incorporating IFTTT and Zapier Let’s get started Introducing 31 IFTTT and Zapier As a digital marketer, you have a ton of tasks to complete, … Read More

Twitter is making it easier to get verified

It just became a little easier to get the blue verified check mark on Twitter – Twitter is making it easier to get verified Twitter is making the verification process easier for its users. On Tuesday 19th the company announced that … Read More

How To Add Clickable Links on Instagram

So clickable links on Instagram. How do you add them? Is it even possible to add links on Instagram? Well let’s get the bad news out of the way and say that you cannot officially add clickable links on Instagram … Read More

Should You Care About Your Klout Score?

KLOUT IS NO MORE UPDATE 25/5/2018 Recently, Lithium Technologies announced on its website that it would be shutting down its social scoring service, Klout, on May 25, 2018, which it had purchased for a reported $200 million back in 2014. Lithium Technologies’ reasoning for closing down … Read More

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