Google Plus – Simple Guide To Google Plus Ripples

What are Google Plus Ripples? Google Plus Ripples are very useful data visualisations that are built into Google Plus, they are enabled when a user shares content publicly. Ripples are fully interactive and updates in real time, which is extremely useful when your watching the viral reach of your Google Plus Content.   When looking at your ripples, you will appear in the middle of the visualisation as a circle … Read More

Google Plus Communities Explained

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Google Plus – Guide To Google Plus Communities Google Plus Communities are large groups of Google Plus members who all share an interest around a common theme. The theme can be anything the creator wants it to be, in my case, i am the owner of the Google Plus Engagement Community. In this community we share a common goal and that goal is to bring engagement and interaction between members … Read More

Google Plus – How To Create A Brand Page

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Welcome back to my Google Plus – Guide And Tutorial We now move on with a brief guide on how to make a Google Plus Brand Page. Google Plus allows members to create branded pages to cover their Hobbies, Business Opportunities, their website or sites, you can  pretty much make a page about anything that you want. Again this is a great way of categorizing content in the same way as … Read More

Google Plus Social Media Guide And Tutorial

Hello and welcome to my Infobunny, Google Plus Complete Social Media Guide and Tutorial Article. This is a very simple step by step guide/tutorial that absolutely anyone will be able to gain a working knowledge of Google Plus. From how to “Grow Your Followers” to “Building Google Plus Brand Pages” to understanding Text Formatting to Hashtags, Communities, and Ripples, we will be covering it all in our comprehensive Google Plus … Read More

Google Plus – A Simple Guide To Hashtags

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Google Plus Hashtags Explained Google Plus Hashtags are incredibly useful because they help you find posts that use them and they also help you organize your own posts that you add them to, and they can help you find new contacts and customers as explained in my How To Grow Your Google Followers Article. If you don’t add hashtags Google Plus adds them for you by selecting what they think … Read More

Google Plus – How To Format Your Google Plus Posts

Google Plus – Simple Guide To Formatting Your Google Plus Posts If you are looking for lots of engagement to your all your Google Plus social media posts, +1s, comments and reshares, then its is really important to make your content as interesting as possible to grab the attention of your Google Plus Followers. We have already spoken about how important it is to use images in a striking, attention … Read More

Google Plus – How To Gain More Google Plus Followers

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How To Gain More Followers To Your Google Plus Account Hi all and welcome back to my Infobunny Blog. On this post we are going to be talking about How To Gain More Google Plus Followers.  You will find that a lot of the methods discussed in this article will also work on other social media sites, obviously not all but certainly some. I started to get interested in Google … Read More

iQKonnect Are You Ready – Private Invite Only

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LETS LOOK AT SOME SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH STATISTICS Facebook was Founded in 2004 and it took 852 days to reach 10 million users and now hosts over 1.2 billion users. Next came Twitter which was founded in 2006. It took Twitter just 780 days to reach 10 million users. Google Plus Founded in 2011 and took just 16 DAYS to reach 10 million users. Ok yes Google did have other platforms out there to aid … Read More

Google Plus Circles Communities And Pages

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Google Plus Circles Communities And Pages Getting Started Guide  There are really two big players when it comes to social media. In the Red corner we have Google Plus and in the Blue corner we have Facebook. Both have huge plus and minus points depending on your social media strategy. Google Plus is very much a visual social media site that works extremely well with other social networking sites like … Read More

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