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Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change – My Personal Journey

The word diet is such a nasty word. 

Let’s remove that word from our English language forever. 

Replace your diet by making a healthy lifestyle change around eating well with moderation.

The problem with that awful word is that when we see the word diet we leave and get a big bowl of ice cream. 

The other nasty word is exercise. 

Banish that word forever also. 

How many times have you said you would 100% work out, join the gym, fork out all that money, and after the 3rd time you get busy and find other more important things to do like sitting in front of the tv with a beer, you tell yourself just one, right?

Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change

Three years ago I told my doctor I would lose weight. 

I have type 2 diabetes and I can’t test because my fingers shake. 

Ok, so I lost 60 pounds.

It took a year but I did not do any exercise.

I now feel it’s a scam, all those years of doing water aerobics, other aerobics, I would lose a couple of pounds and it would all come back and worse. 

Plus you have to buy all those cute clothes, suit, shoes, forget it.  I did “0” exercise.

It was surprising.

I was in urgent care and the doctor says you lost ten pounds since last month, what??

So I went home, decided to lose the weight.

I gave up Coca-Cola and banished all those awful fun things like chips, ice cream, chocolate. 

Not a problem. 


Getting weighed was exciting

Every time I went to the doctors and got weighed, it was so exciting, all that weight every time falling off.

I lost 60 pounds.

I did once in a while get chips or ice cream but not a big deal.

So November 2015, I fell and broke my left fibula.

December 2015 I fell again and got a double compound broken of the right leg, the surgeon says to me “bad luck”. 

I left the hospital after 3 days, the service was terrible.

It 15 degrees outside.

My son was not happy but I came home and used my scooter.

The only thing that tasted good was jello, cheese crackers, and coke.

For five months I laid in bed but only gained back 20 lbs.

This is what I lived on Cobb Salad

Making a healthy lifestyle change
Individual Cobb Salad – Image Source

Years ago Ina Garten wrote about how to make a simple chicken salad.

Take chicken breast with the bone and skin.

Put olive oil on top, salt and pepper bake one hour, 350-375.

Cook Like a Pro: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Ina Garten – Cook Like a Pro: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

The chicken is fork tender.

So I usually do about 6 portions at a time with lots of olive oil.

I then cut it right away as it is so tender, then fold up the portions tight in foil and stick in the freezer.

This way you always have chicken ready for salad. 

I cook up bacon, hard-boiled eggs, skip the avocado, loathe it. 

A little blue cheese cut up Roma tomatoes.

I always use good seasonings, olive oil, and red wine vinegar, you mix and packet with the oil and red wine vinegar. 


So I throw all the ingredients onto romaine lettuce, add the oil and red wine vinegar its heaven.

Making a healthy lifestyle change
Romaine lettuce is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall head of sturdy dark green leaves with firm ribs down their centres. Unlike most lettuces, it is tolerant of heat.
It is more nutritious than iceberg lettuce.


I always shred my hard-boiled eggs.

For some reason, they taste better this way with the dressing. 

When I tear up the romaine I figured out an easier way to keep it fresh, wash it in a strainer, drain and put in a big bowl. 

I then wet a large piece of paper towel and lay on top.

It’s amazing it stays fresh and crispy for two or three days.


Healthy eating is a lifetime adjustment but to stay healthy, means that you actually feel better.

Your health is improved, your immune system in kept in check, and your sleep will also see a big improvement.


But you have to work at it. 

There is no magic bullet.

There are no diet gimmicks because don’t fool yourself any of those work. 


Making a healthy lifestyle change

Before start making a healthy lifestyle change be sure you have your doctors ok. 

Also not eating for a couple of days, you will lose water weight, but it will come back so don’t starve yourself to lose weight.

When you shop never buy any “diet” foods.

They all still add sugar and salt, and other odd ingredients.

Always check the ingredients on the food, you will see the first three are really the most what is put in the food. 

Several years ago a nutritionist told me don’t eat them.

I never cared for diet pop, ad it has been proven that after drinking diet pop you chase it with something sweet.

Now how does that make sense?

Plus diet drinks mess with your stomach, you can experience cramps and other fun things.

If you want a pop then just have it, even when you are watching your weight. 

The same with a candy bar, just eat it. 

Healthy eating does not mean you give up everything, it means you live your life in moderation. 

When you try to lose weight the wrong way, by not eating, skipping meals then your blood pressure can drop, you can get weak, lose your balance and you can fall or trip. 

Then you think your glucose is messed up and you eat a lot of sugar. 

It’s not a good way to try to lose weight, it is a vicious cycle all over again. 

The word diet is such a nasty word. Let’s remove that word from our English language forever. Replace your diet by making a healthy lifestyle change around eating well with moderation.Click To Tweet

Diet Foods

All those “diet” foods and all those odd chemicals they put in to make it taste good are messing with your health. 

My doctor kept asking how I lost the weight and I told him gave up coke. 

I also eat a lot of Stouffer’s frozen meals

I don’t cook much anymore.

The salt in those foods is not a lot when you give up all salt in the rest of your meals.

I make from scratch spaghetti, then put in plastic freezer containers, just enough for one or two meals in each container and I freeze it. 

I also make my version of easy Caprese salad. 

I love olive oil so I use a little more.

I chop up Roma tomatoes and mozzarella.

You can also use shredded cheese, but I prefer to cut it up thin. 

I add some salt and pepper and olive oil. 

You can let it sit on the counter for a bit or eat right away. 

I also only use course pepper.

The other is too powdery.


Fruit And Vegetables

But even though you need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t mean eating kale, ugh! 

Put some butter on the broccoli, there is nothing wrong with butter, it is much better than margarine.

Don’t eat that.

Like everything in life use moderation.

I found by eating as I did as a child, that I put a smaller amount of foods on my plate.

We have been taught by the restaurant industry to eat these huge plates of food. 

Please, stay away from restaurants that pile the food on, the same with all you can eat.  

If you eat slowly and enjoy each bite you will find you really love food and will appreciate it more.

It’s ok to put butter and garlic on bread, you aren’t eating a lot of butter, at least not every day.  

But it is ok to pig out once in a while as well, but not whole plates of food. 

Don’t listen to people pushing a new way to lose weightClick To Tweet

Don’t listen to people pushing a new way to lose weight

Use common sense and only eat what you like and not what they tell you to eat.

I love iceberg and yes no nutrients but I don’t care, I love it.

Sometimes I add some romaine.  

I have “0” energy, I mean I can’t function and I loathe coffee.

I only like Frappuccinos but $5 is not in the budget all the time.

I also like bottled frappuccinos. 

I also love coffee ice cream, but that doesn’t count. 

So I drink one or two cans of coke a day. 

I told my doctor since pop and fruit juice have a lot of sugar I will just drink pop.

Yes, it’s not good with diabetes, but mine is under control and I don’t do shots.  I hate shots.

I love blueberries, but making blueberry muffins is time-consuming plus they come out of the oven and straight into my mouth, not good.

So instead I eat bowls of blueberries with some sugar on top.

Just check your teeth after eating them.

It’s a great food for in the morning, a bowl of fruit is a lot better than a muffin that is loaded with sugar and butter, both inside and outside.


Growing Up

When I was growing up my mother sliced up bananas, cut up some oranges, squeezed some juice on top and added some sugar.

Do you know how good that is? 

It’s healthy because its fruit, it’s great for kids. 

My sons growing up would not touch fruit and to this day still don’t eat fruit. 

Weird, but they are healthy maybe because they don’t eat sweets. 

Growing up I didn’t keep all that junk in the house, I made cookies sometimes but it’s not like today, back then there wasn’t all that junk food that there is now. 

With eating healthy be careful with your sleep.

Go to bed about the same time every night, stay off caffeine several hours before bed.

Don’t play a lot of video games before bed because it gets you all wired up and then it is hard to sleep. 

Open a window in your room just a couple of inches, even in winter.

It feels so much better sleeping with fresh air. 


A New Take On Life

When you combine healthy eating which is a new take on life, with good sleep, your health will get better.

The World Health Organization says some issues with cardiovascular deaths are related to bad foods and no exercise. 

Going for a walk is good for you, especially after dinner. 

Walking is ok if you go to a mall, they open early for the walkers, the stores aren’t open but the mall doors are.

You can walk fast or slow, as long as you are moving your legs that is fine. 

Water aerobics is a fantastic way to get some exercise because it is not hard on your joints. 

This kind of exercise makes you feel better and great throughout the day, you have more energy.

Another thing, eat carbs.

Do not eliminate them from your diet. Your body needs carbs because they give you energy. 

So if you want to exercise do it.

Just remember you won’t lose a lot and try to eat something healthy before and after.

I love weight lifting but I can’t do it, it’s hard on my joints.

Healthy eating to me can sound like 11,000 ways to dress a noodle but it doesn’t have to sound so terrible.


Eat An Apple A Day

Eat an apple every day. Mom was right, an apple a day. 

I love Lindsey green olives. 

The nutritionist said I could eat 25 a day, the small ones. 

I buy 16 ounces sour cream, good seasonings packet like Italian dry dressing.

Mix and put in the fridge.

I slice up celery really fast, carrots, cauliflower and chill all.

The in a big bowl goes olives and veggies.

It’s amazing, you really don’t put a lot of dip on the veggies.

I make a meal out of this.


5 Small Meals

I have found that eating 5 small meals every day makes me feel better and I don’t eat as much.

Of course the other day I read that this doesn’t work, well it works for me because I am not hungry all day.

If you want something sweet once in a while make banana bread by Emeril Lagasse

This is really good, it calls for macadamia nuts, I leave those out, not a big fan.

Here Is How I Make It

This is to die for!

Banana Bread

1/2 cup solid shortening

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

3/4 cup mashed bananas about 2–3 bananas

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 1/4 cup of flour

Pinch of cinnamon, I use a big pinch;-)

Preheat oven 350° oil and flour a 9x5x3″ loaf pan

With an electric mixer mix shortening and sugar on medium speed, add eggs one at a time.

Add mashed bananas, flour & baking soda that has been pre mixed with a fork.

Add cinnamon.

Pour the sticky mixture into a pan.

Bake for one hour. 

Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change -  My Personal Journey

That’s all for now!

Have I inspired you into making a healthy lifestyle change?

Would you like to add your own thoughts and ideas to the conversation?

Great, leave them as comments below and I will get back to you.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply.


Kay Rovik


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Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change -  My Personal Journey
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The word diet is such a nasty word.  Let’s remove that word from our English language forever.  Replace your diet by making a healthy lifestyle change around eating well with moderation.
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