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It really is time to join the8App social revolution …. Tweet This I don’t know about you guys but when I’m on Facebook all I can hear is the Star Wars music, you know the “da da da dahhh da da da dahh da dahhhh”

the8app join the social revolution star wars music

I am on the deck looking out over cyberspace. I’m watching for the next big attack from the Facebook Death Star or Star Destroyer. Which new site will Facebook buy out? How will Facebook further change their algorithm and squeeze our views more?, How will they further smother the competition?  

Facebook is very much the EMPIRE and i’m on Red 8 and i’m standing by, very much in the Rebel Alliance along with a lot of other social members.

Just this week Jake Kanter reported how Former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger believes that Facebook sucked up nearly £20 million ($27 million) of the newspaper’s digital advertising revenue last year.


The8app is incredibly forward thinking social app. It is doing things from the ground up to combat inherent problems from being a paying social site. One problem other socials have is the use of copyright images to generate revenue. These mostly come from Google Images.

So what has The8App done? 

Well they have plugged google images into the back end of the social app.

On the posting page you are offered options to take a new picture or select a picture stored on your mobile. Or you can use the search box and look for relevant images. The results returned come straight from google images, from the free to use section. Further advancements could also be made to connect to other free to use image sites like for example Pixabay.

Of course you will still get some infringements. But forward thinking like this brings any problems that arise into a place where they are more more easily managed.

The8pp is both a site and an app with very a clear plan and mission,

“to give members their voice back and empower them, and at the same time return 80% of the ad revenue back to content creators”

8app members are rewarded against the views their pictures, posts and videos receive.

We then also have the sponsor hub coming into effect very soon where big brands can sponsor your content. This is on top of your revenue from views you generate from your content. Emphasis will be very much on quality content and not quantity because great content will generate 2 revenue streams and cheap content will generate just the 1. You will become a better content creator very quickly just by using the site….

If your looking for more info on 8 then you can check out my Introduction and Getting started guide to the8app Here


Tweet This Are you ready to join the social revolution? SEE YOU ON The8App!

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