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I Just Read “IsmAdsIncome Scam” Is It Comedy Night At IsmMagic?

Im seeing a few reports saying IsmAdsIncome Scam, and RicanAdFunds Scam.

I don’t want to talk to much about RicanAdFunds on this blog because i have already covered RicanAdFunds Scam Here.

So Lets Answer The Question – IsmAdsIncome Scam?

IsmAdsIncome went offline recently, for security updates. We were notified this via the IsmAdsIncome News Blog and via IsmMagic.

RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome Have Now Been Restructured CLICK HERE 

IsmAdsIncome Scam -  NO its the best passive income site

We were given a date when IsmAdsIncome would be back and infact Ism has comeback ahead of schedule. What is great news is that while IsmAdsIncome was offline our ad packs were still earning. So when everybody was able to login they all had a nice cash surprise.

This surprise is part of the problem as it as led to many, many more payment requests than normal. So it is inevitable that there would be delays.

Part of the security updates implemented was the implementation of the uploading of Photo and Proof of Address Id. This is done via IsmMagic, the Business Social Site that intergrates with IsmAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds.All documents have to be manually verified, and again this is taking huge amounts of time.What i find funny is that we see people shouting IsmAdsincome Scam on the IsmMagic Social Wall.Its these same people who a day or so later post a thread like “Thanks Admin Payment Received” they do not mention that a day before they were saying “IsmAdsIncome Scam” IsmAdsIncome Scam  - Is It Comedy Night at IsmMagic

The biggest problem that we have is that members just do not educate themselves. They do not read the news blog. They don’t visit IsmMagic other than to shout “IsmAdsIncome Scam”. If they stopped for a moment they would find a community of members all willing to help them get the answers they need.

It is very disrespectful what some members post on IsmMagic. IsmMagic is not the support room for IsmAdsincome. Many IsmMagic members are not IsmAdsIncome members. They do not want to read IsmAdsIncome Scam. They are just not interested. Yet they get IsmAdsIncome Scam rammed down their throats on the wall.

Members posting IsmAdsIncome Scam, are not going to make themselves any friends, which is a shame, because IsmMagic is a great network to be involved with.

So is IsmAdsIncome Scam? No i do not believe so.

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