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iQKonnect Webinar Calls – Level 9 Marketing – iQLife

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iQKonnect Recorded Calls – What Is iQKonnect?

If you have found this page via a search engine then its probably a good idea to have a very quick recap as to what the iQKonnect opportunity is about.

Today, approximately 2 billion people worldwide participate on Networking Sites like FaceBookTwitterGoogle Plus to name but a few and they do this for FREE with no monetary compensation to them. Read the short snippet below the link to the full post is at the end and then listen to the webinar calls on this page

iQKonnect is a NEW Private Invitation Social Media Sharing Platform that will start a revolutionary movement by giving very generous rewards to affiliates for bringing all of their life experiences to the iQKonnect sharing platform!

All your passions, your family and friends, your work and  leisure, your interests and hobbies. This is not MLM or Sales, it is an affiliate program that is the easiest and most natural home based business that you have ever been a part of.

Level 9 Marketing (L9) (changing its name soon to iQLife) has taken the best features of the popular Social Media and Networking Sites and built a new and smarter Social Media Experience called iQKonnect.

iQKonnect will go live in a few weeks. But here is a fresh twist, Level 9 Marketing (changing its name soon to iQLife) will monetize or compensate people worldwide for their Social Media sharing activity on iQKonnect with social media rewards.

Listen to this very short iQKonnect Introduction Message

iQKonnect Banner

For a much more detailed introduction to iQKonnect from Level 9 Marketing (iQLife) CLICK HERE 

If your already familiar with iQKonnect then lets proceed and get into the recorded company calls below!

iQKonnect Webinar – Business Opportunity Call

Every Monday Night at 9:00pm ET we have a “Live” Level 9 Marketing (changing its name soon to iQLife) Business Opportunity Webinar. 

This is a motivating and informative call for your prospects to listen and learn about our amazing Level 9 Business Opportunity.   


iQKonnect Banner

iQKonnect Webinar – Brand Partner Training Call

Every Thursday Night at 9:00pm ET we have a Level 9 (changing its name soon to iQLife) Brand Partner Training Opportunity Webinar Call. 

Each week we cover different topics related to your Level 9 (iQLife) business. /span>



iQKonnect Banner

iQKonnect Webinar – Update Call 

Every Tuesday and Friday at 2:00pm ET we have a Level 9 Corporate Update Webinar. These opportunity calls are generally 5 – 10 minutes in length and are designed to keep you informed and up-to-date on all the exciting news and developments of Level 9 (iQLife). 


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