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Google Plus – How To Gain More Google Plus Followers

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How To Gain More Followers To Your Google Plus Account

Hi all and welcome back to my Infobunny Blog. On this post we are going to be talking about How To Gain More Google Plus Followers. 

You will find that a lot of the methods discussed in this article will also work on other social media sites, obviously not all but certainly some.

I started to get interested in Google Plus when i found out about the huge benefits that Google Plus gives to bloggers and article writers.

Authorship and Publisher are just killer features that are incorporated into Google Plus and the search engine benefits and social signals that Google provides bloggers and article writers are reason alone to jump onto the Google Plus Train.

Google Plus Train

I will talk more about these benefits at a later date and provide links to the post for easy navigation.

For all of the above benefits to really work and boost your online exposure you really need to grow your followers, the question is how do you do this on Google Plus.

Grow Your Google Plus Followers

The most simple way to grow your followers is really just to add members to your Circles with the hope they then just follow you back. To find people who you want to circle all you have to do is to search for them in the search box at the top of your page.

Just type in a phrase or add in a HashTag click return and then you can then add the people that you find in the results to your circles.

How to get more google plus followers, search for members to add

This method allows you to target niche followers, so if your looking to make money online then just search #makemoneyonline and you have all the members who have used this hash tag and these are potential customers and contacts.

Growing Your Followers With Circle Shares

If your not sure what Circles are then check this post that i published Here all about Circles. 

The idea is that you join the Circle Share by requesting to be added to the circle by commenting on the thread, you then +1 the post and the re-share the post and then add all the circle members to your circles.

Here is a Circle Share that i have running for my Google Plus Engagement Community.

All circle shares have their own set of rules or requirements for you to be added to the shared circle as stipulated by the owner but the common goal is always that you add all the members and then you get added when the circle is updated so that any the new members who join after you join are then adding you to their circles.

When you add all the members of a shared circle to a circle you are adding up to 500 new members as followers which is a lot faster than just searching for them. The downside is they are not as targeted as the one where you just search for them.

You will find that your followers will really jump up as members start to circle you back.

Not everyone will circle you back but a good percentage will making this a great method to gain more Google Plus Followers.


Complete Your Profile Fully

Go to your Google Plus Home Page and on the pull down menu select your profile and then select your About page.

Next, look at “Story”.

This is where you add all the relevant information about you. This it is your chance to sell your self so make sure your fill in this section. Talk about your likes, your hobbies your interests everything that is relevant. When you have done this just move onto the other sections and complete those as well. 

How to gain google plus followers, fill in your profile completely

Make sure that you have a profile image so that you don’t have the default Blue Head Avatar.

Share Content And Mention Other Members

Share, share and share some more, this is incredibly important to get people to circle and follow you back.

The rule is “Share As Much As Possible”.

Share articles that you write to get some social signals pointing your way.

Share your hobbies and interests. Share other members post’s to get the attention of the original poster(creator) and by Hat Tipping posts that have already been shared so as to give credit to both the original poster and the person re-sharing.  

To Hat Tip a member just post something like Hat Tip +members name, then it is a clickable link back to that member.

Mention, Mention and Mention

google plus mentions keep teh conversation going

It is just so important to mention other members, this notifies them that your talking about them and brings them to your post to engage with you.

If you have a blog with Google comments then it’s a great idea to every so often go to your posts and check the Google comments, if you have new ones reply and mention the members, bring them back to your article, put it back into their minds and keep the engagement going.


Use Photos When Sharing Your Content

Google Plus is an incredibly visual social media site so add a relevant image to your posts to encourage engagement and interaction.

You will find that posts you make with big images will always out perform those with a small generated thumbnail image.

Google Plus as we speak are rolling out bigger generated thumbnails for posts, so moving forward a good strategy would be to use both big images you upload and the generated images if they are big enough.

If you’re sharing content from a site with a share button then make sure you change the default description so it’s no longer just a generated post, nothing dampens engagement and circle backs more than auto shares so make sure you don’t fall into the cutting corners trap.


Here is an example of an animated gif that i created and added to my Google Plus Engagement Page. As you can see its getting some very good engagement.

Create A Website

Brand yourself, and link up your website with Authorship and Publisher so that your blog content is credited by Google. And add your Profile and Page Badges to your site. If members see you have your own site then they are more likely to be interested in circling back.

I hope the above tips are useful to you, if you have any questions then please comment them below and don’t forget to circle / follow me…. see you on Google Plus!

InfoBunny Pro Tip

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Be a content creator as well as a content sharer

It’s crucial to share members content and mention them to get their attention and build relationships and followers on Google Plus but just as important to post your own unique content…… images are the best way to start….. if you just re-share your relying on those that then re-share your share to give you credit with a mention… if they don’t and your re-share gets lots of engagement then its only the original poster (content creator) that gets the credit. So take the time to do lot’s of re-shares with mentions but also find some pictures you can also share as your own. A great starting point is Pinterest 😉



To Your Continued Success

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