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How to download YouTube Videos for FREE

Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to promote their business.

Particularly those involved in affiliate opportunities where sales or referral videos are used.

In this article, we will show you the best online resources to download YouTube Videos and videos from other social sites and make them your own.

As an affiliate of a business, you are often supplied with very useful marketing material some of this often comprises of videos you can embed on your site or YouTube videos that you can embed.

The problem is that everyone else in the business also has that very same marketing material.

So it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s say everyone is using the same really good marketing video that the company supplies and allows you to use.

It shows and tells those viewing everything they need to know about the business and converts really well.

You would use it as well, right?

The problem being is that that same video will have been seen so many times and when someone does stumble across your version they are more likely to pass it by as its been popping up all over social media.

Your potential audience gets bored or seeing the same thing.

There is another good reason for making the content your own with YouTube and that has to do with SEO and YouTube.

We will talk more about that later.


So how do we make the marketing videos our own?

Simple, you download the video that you want to use from the business site or you download the video from YouTube.

Then you add an intro of yourself introducing the video or you just change the thumbnail that shows when the video appears on the page ready for someone to click play.

This way the video appears new and is far more likely to get fresh clicks


Making videos and YouTube Videos your own

NB – Please check the copywrite limitations of any videos that you want to download.

Are you permitted to download them?

If you are going to use video marketing material then the best course of action is to download the videos and then add them to your own YouTube Channel.

You can if you want just download them and then add them directly to your own WordPress by uploading and then embedding them.

The reality is that if you first add the videos to your own YouTube Channel first you then give yourself a very good social media stream that you can use to promote.

And a really big reason for using YouTube is there is far more potential for hits and views on YouTube then there probably is on your own site or splash page.


How to download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube Videos to your computer – Your Guide

So how do you save videos from YouTube?

There are a number of sites that will help you with downloading YouTube videos. You just add the YouTube link to the download box and save and it is really normally just that easy.

Here are 6 of the best sites to download YouTube videos for FREE


VidPaw is my favorite site to use to download YouTube videos with.

It is just so easy to use and yet offers a very comprehensive download system that allows you to if you wish just download the video with sound or just the video or the audio.

VidPaw also has a great trick that allows you to download YouTube videos without having to go to the VidPaw site to add the video link to download

How to download YouTube Videos direct from Youtube with VidPaw

This is really easy to do. When you are on a YouTube video that you would like to download you simply add the word paw after the word youtube in the link and hit return

How to download YouTube Videos direct from YouTube with VidPaw

So like this www.youtubepaw.com. So just after youtube on every video that you would like to download. You are then taken to Vidpaw with the link of the YouTube video you would like to download already added to the download field.

VidPaw download instruction - how to download YouTube videos

You then just select your chosen quality for the video and download.

Here are the steps to download YouTube videos with VidPaw

1/ Add the YouTube video link to the video that you would like to download

2/ Download your video at the chosen quality

3/ You can download just the audio

4/ Download the subtitles

Here are 6 of the best online resources to help you download YouTube Videos - Do you have a better option for downloading YouTube videos? Let us know in the comments section below! Click To Tweet


2conv is another site that you can use to download YouTube videos.

With 2Conv you add the YouTube video URL that you would like to download and then from the pull-down menu you select the format that you would like the video downloaded into

Your download is then converted to either MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVI or AVI HD

How to download YouTube Videos with 2conv
Add your YouTube URL, then on the pull-down menu select the format and download your YouTube video

Here are the steps to download YouTube videos with 2Conv

  1. Copy YouTube video link
  2. Paste the copied link into the input field
  3. Choose the file format you want
  4. Click Convert to get an mp3 file or the format of choice


Downloading YouTube videos with PickVideo is a lot like using Vidpaw.

You are also able to fully download videos, or just the video image or just the sound.

It doesn’t, however, offer you the handy VidPaw trick where you can just add Paw to the YouTube link.

Apart from that, they are pretty similar usability wise.

How to download YouTube Videos with VidPaw

Here is a quick guide to downloading YouTube videos with PickVideo

  1. Copy YouTube video link
  2. Paste the copied link into the input field
  3. Choose the file format you want – Video with sound Video only Audio only and then select file quality.
  4. Click to download your YouTube video.

You also have the addition of being able to download YouTube videos you can also download from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and many more sites directly to your laptop or onto your camera roll with the app.

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is another useful YouTube video download tool.

Like all the video downloader before, you simply add in your YouTube video URL into the download box and then select the video format and quality to download or the audio format and download quality

Here are the steps to download YouTube videos with Video Grabber

  1. Copy YouTube video link
  2. Paste the copied link into the input field
  3. Choose the file format you want – Video with sound Video only Audio only and then select file quality.
  4. Click to download your YouTube video.


With the Tubegeter app, you can save YouTube playlists and channels

You can download your chosen videos in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV,  and 3GP formats.

There is also a very clever feature that allows you to subscribe to YouTube Channels and get latest videos automatically downloaded.

How to download YouTube Videos with TubeGeter

  1. Download the TubeGeter App install to your laptop, desktop
  2. Copy the video URL that you want to download into TubeGeter
  3. Download the video format of your choice to your destination folder

 TubeGeter also lets you download annotations and subtitles in .srt format.



Youtubetomp3.zone is an online tool for converting YouTube video to MP3 format.

There is no software to download and no registration required to use the service.

All you need is a YouTube URL link and the mp3 downloader will download and separate the audio from the video as an mp3.

How to download YouTube Videos with YouTubeMP3

  1. Copy the YouTube Video URL that you want to convert and download.
  2. Select the format you want to convert and continue your download..
  3. Click the “Start” button to begin yor download and save to your destination folder


YouTube Video SEO

I mentioned YouTube Video SEO near to the start of this article when I was saying it was a good idea to make affiliate marketing materials more unique to you.

So here is how it works.

After you have downloaded a YouTube video you just edit the video add an image as a thumbnail that will show when someone comes across your video, something just to change it from the default image that shows on everyone else’s version of the same content.

You can if you wish to create a new start where you introduce the video to make it more personable.

Or you can just upload the video as is.

Uploading the video as is still very beneficial because of YouTube SEO.

When you upload a video you get to give it a name meaning that you can brand it to you. Use great keywords that you have done research on. You really can make a unique title that will help you get found on YouTube.

Add a description

Next, you can add in a long description again with lots of good keywords and hashtags and the big bonus is you get to add in links of your choice.

YouTube gives you 5000 characters to use for your description and that is more than enough.

Make sure that you do target the main keyword phrase within your title and related keywords in your description.

Keep the first line of your description brief no more than the first 157. This first sentence will appear as a snippet in search so get your keyword phrase as close to the start as you can to help your SEO.

Link back to your blog just after the first sentence.

You don’t want the link to appear in the snippet but you also don’t want it to be hidden beneath the “Show More” section of the Description field. so just after the first sentence is the optimal position to add the link to your site.

Towards the end of the description, you can add in your social channels.

Use your description to cross-promote your blog and online presence.

Add some closely related hashtags and your description is good to go.


Before you publish your video you are offered 1 of 3 thumbnails taken from the video that you can use.

This makes the start of the video before it plays different from everyone else’s video and so helps with your clicks and views.

There is a big chance to do some cool optimizations with YouTube Video SEO. You just set up your SEO as if you are writing a blog. 

Add Keywords in the title. Make your title serve a purpose by offering a solution or giving an answer to cover the viewers intent when searching on YouTube.

Add related keywords into subtitles and generally just write about the product or service or business.

For a full in-depth SEO Guide, you can check out my SEO Guide 2018. It’s quite a long read at 5000+ words but then it does cover everything.

You will be able just to skip through a lot of it and focus on the sections that talk about keywords and structuring the text.

How to download YouTube Videos
Thanks for pinning my image to Pinterest 😉


That’s all for now.

Have you used any of the YouTube download services that we have highlighted?

Do you have a better option?

If you have any questions then feel free to add them to the comments section.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply.

You can also opt-in to our mailing list and never miss another post again, don’t worry we don’t spam or upsell 😉




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How to download YouTube Videos
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How to download YouTube Videos
How to download YouTube Videos As an affiliate of a business, you are often supplied with very useful marketing material some of this often comprises of videos you can embed on your site or YouTube videos that you can embed.
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