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HourlyChicRate Review

Welcome to my HourlyChicRate overview and getting started guide.




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HourlyChicRate – Getting Started

HourlyChicRate is a passive income, online home based advertising platform.

It is very easy to get started. You just need to purchase ad units, and then HourlyChicRate will pay you  every hour. Its Advertising that pays you.

HourlyChicRate Sign Up

HourlyChicRate Passive Income paying hourly, the best passive income site

Hourly Chic Rate gives you a $15 Free Sign Up Bonus.

You are allocated $5 to each processor. This is added to your repurchase balance. It would obviously be more beneficial to members if you could allocate the whole $15 to one payment processor so that you really do have a fast start bonus. But you can’t really argue with Free Money, its a Free start.

It is really important that you allocate your $5 to each processor even if you do not have an account as referral commissions follow the processor that your referral invests with.


if John invests with Solid Trust Pay your commission will get paid to Solid Trust Pay.

If Rachel invests with EgoPay, then your commission goes to Egopay.

So its really important to load the FREE MONEY on all three of the HourlyChicPay Ewallets.

Even if you don’t currently have an account on one of the processors. If you build up $50 or $100 in commissions then its gonna be well worth making an account to cashout.

Please note HourlyChicRate members do not receive referral commissions from members investing the FREE $15. They only receive referral commissions from new money invested.

As soon load all 3 ewallet’s, you will be able to generate money, and build traffic to your business.

You can buy additional Ad packs costing only $0.99 each.

HourlyChicRate Referral Commissions

HourlyChicRate pays 15% total Referral commission for 3 levels. There is no requirement to refer new members but very good financial benefits if you do as you can see below.

7% level one referral purchases

5% level two referral purchases

3% level three referral purchases

For example if you refer a new ho the purchases $1,000.00 in ad packs, you will get a $70.00 direct referral commission and 7% of all additional purchased that your referral then makes.

HourlyChicRate Investment Plans

HourlyChicRate Payment Plans

HourlyChicRate Passive Income Payment Plans

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HourlyChicRate Supported Payment Processors Are

HourlyChicRate Passive Income Payment Processors

HourlyCashPay Minimum cashout is $10



The fast start bonus we get we join is great. But as mentioned it would be better if we could allocate it all to one processor, but then we would have the question how is this passive income site sustainable, and ask ourselves the question…..

How can HourlyChicRate afford to give away a $15 cash bonus to every member?

Well of course the answer is it can’t.

Lets compare HourlyChicRate with the Best Passive Income Site currently out there and that’s RicanAdFunds.

HourlyChicRate is paying 2.10% per day which is a pretty good rate, 0.60% higher than RicanAdFunds but pays for 70 days rather than the 100 that RicanAdFunds pays for.

HourlyChicPay also has 5 higher payment plan, paying up to 3.75% which is a concern for me with regards to sustainability.

All in all HourlyChicRate looks a pretty good offering especially as you get a Free Start.

As always only invest what you can afford to lose and cashout your seed money as soon as you can, make the program free and zero risk.

HourlyChicRate Sign Up


HAPPY PASSIVE INCOME EARNING Hourlychicpay Winking Smiley Face

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