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Social Branding For Your Home Based Business Opportunity

Without SocialMedia Branding your Home Based Business Opportunity is dead in the water. SocialMedia establishes your opportunity brand. You really cannot use it socialmedia enough, but remember when you do use socialmedia then its value, value, value all the way when promoting any opportunity.

So how do you setup your Branding for your opportunity?

Your Home Based Business Opportunity Brand can be your website name, it can be your real name it can be an also known as name, it can also be the name of a product or the opportunity. When you have established a brand name then your ready to get started.

Key Social Media Sites To Brand Your Home Based Business Ideas

There are five main social networking sites that you must be a member of to start to build your home based business branding, and they are.

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Home Based Business Opportunity - Social-Media-Branding

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Simple Online Home Based Biz Branding With Facebook

Chances are that you have a Facebook account already that you use to keep in contact with friends and family and this account is absolutely fine to use. Don’t worry your not going to be mixing your biz into your personal page. What you do is in fact make pages using your Home Based Business Opportunity Brand Name that you have established at the start as the title of your page. These are stand alone pages.

When you see the latest Movie Commercial and it says at the end Like us on FB or Visit Us On FB, they are sending you to a  page set up for promoting the movie. When the page gets a FB Like it then shows up on that persons timeline and is visible to that persons friends.

Social Branding With Twitter

Now you have established your brand on Facebook you can now move it to Twitter. Use the same Brand Name and the same Avatar or Profile Picture as you have on Facebook and apply them to Twitter and that’s it. You can then start to get followers and tweet your messages out.

Branding Your Home Based Business Ideas with Google+1

Google+1 is an incredibly important Social Site to be involved in, in fact i would go as far as to say this is the most important one. Google+1 is similar to Facebook in that you have a personal page and a separate pages and you need to use both.

If you don’t want to use your personal page then create a new one with another name, a pen name, then its vitally important that you add a real picture of you, something that shows your face.

Google +1 has something called authorship and authorship rank, meaning you can get credit for any blogs or posts that you create if you have linked back from your posts to your personal page. When you do this your avatar will appear in search engine results, this is your credit as the author. This is social branding.

Using YouTube As Part Of Your Strategy to Build The Best Home Based Business

Now this where you scream i don’t make videos or have any videos to share. Wrong. You can create playlists with your favorite videos and if your program has promo videos you can use then you can download them and upload them to YouTube. You can then add your contact details and links to your pages. Have you seen how many page one results on Google are YouTube Videos? You need to be tapping into this market place.

Pinterest And Your Home Based Business Opportunity

Pinterest is all about sharing images and pinning them to category boards link to your pages. Your not going to get masses of traffic from Pinterest but believe me its well worth implementing into your Online Social Branding.

Thanks for reading my Home Based Business Blog.


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