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Google+ Strategy – Google Plus A Giant In Social Media

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Are You Using Google+ (Google Plus) As Part Of Your Social Media Strategy?

I have been a user of Google+ pretty much since it started but until recently i have not really plugged into the power of this Social Media Giant. I just did not have a Google+ Strategy.

Now i don’t use the term Social Media Giant lightly, Google+ is after all the Number 2 Social Media Site and behind Facebook with regards to Active Members but for me Google+ is the bigger of the two giants because of the powerful impact it can have on your business and that is exactly why i had to get a Google+ Strategy.

Google+ Social Media Strategy

One of the cool tricks you can do with Google+ is to embed a Google Post into your site 

Here is my initial Google+ Share that i made. As you can see i have embedded it into this article. You can interact directly with the post below, now that’s just so cool, Just Click +1 button below and see, you will need to be logged into Google for it to work.


So what changed and why now do i advocate Google+ (Google Plus) over Facebook?

Well i am an active Blogger. I promote my home based business opportunities here on my InfoBunny Blog and on my CashUnite Sign Up Blog.

As well as promoting business opportunities i also offer up social media tutorials, strategies and guides, these guides and strategies have always been structured to get search engine results and its search results that were a key element as to why i took the time to investigate Google+ more, that and the awesome insight of my Facebook friends and top Google+ Mentosr Billy Funk and Scott Bhueler


As a blogger i was often posting my articles then every so often searching for the keywords i had used on Google, well when you do this to get true search results you need to be logged out of Google otherwise you get targeted results.

On a few occasions i forgot to log out of Google and what i noticed was that i would always get one of my Google Plus Posts as a search result on page 1 normally around position 3.

I would then do a new search, new terms and again i would see one of my Google+ posts extremely high in the results.

So this got me thinking about how to build a Google+ Strategy to take advantage of this and it got me researching.

Was it just be me seeing these results or would others see what i was seeing when logged into their Google accounts?

What i discovered next on its own is enough for me to say that Google+ is the true SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT.

So what did i find out?

After some research i found out something that was extremely powerful when it comes to home based business, marketing and building an online brand and social media presence. And that was that your Google Plus followers will see your relevant Google+ Posts in their search engine results!

Now take a second to think about that!

How many people would logout of Google to search?

My answer to that question is that they wouldn’t because when you search your looking for the best results for you and that would be targeted results so you stay logged in, and the majority of users  just wouldn’t even think about logging out. And if they don’t log out then they would see my Google+ posts if they were relevant to what they had searched!

Of course there is a catch and as mentioned the catch is for your Google+ posts to be seen the person must be following you on Google Plus.

So from that moment on i knew i had to get active on Google+, get myself a strategy, learn how to use this Social Media Giant and get followers.

Around the same time as all of this was happening i started seeing Facebook posts from my Facebook friend Billy Funk who was saying how great Google+ was and how he went from X amount of followers to over 10000 in a month or so, he is around 17000 now.

This is exactly what i needed to do and currently what i am working to achieve, Billy had a strategy i needed.

My current follower number is 2030 or so, so im not in Billy Funks league but here is the thing 2 or 3 weeks ago i was only at 280 and now over 2000 and im seeing new circle followers daily.

So how do you get Google+ (Google Plus) Followers?

Well its like any social media site, you need to be engaging on the site and provide value to other members but this is a slow process. To speed up the process dramatically you need to understand a few Google+ Basics.

Google+ is not at all like other Social Media sites where you have a big list of friends.

Google+ is different in that it has Circles and Circles are basically categories of followers. You can basically keep your family and friends in say a Family and Friends Circle and your Business Contacts in a Business Contacts Circle this means that you can then select a specific circle to interact with.

What is very interesting is that you can also share a Circle and that is the main way to build your followers fast. Google+ has some very active Social Engagers and Circle Sharers, they make specific circles of top active members and then share the Circles. Members then add the Circle Share Members to their followers in exchange for being added to the Circle, and in so doing so the Circle members follow you back and so your numbers rocket and as your added to the Circle you then get added by the new people wanting to join the circle. Can you see how powerful this is?

Here is a Google Plus Engagement Circle that i created and shared.


Google+ offers so much more than Facebook and if you tap into what people on the web are starting to say then it’s now time to start to look at Google+, im pretty sure that once you do you will come on board.

Is It Time To Now Build A Google+ (Google Plus) Strategy?

What has been your experience of Google+, leave a comment below i would love to hear from you and hear about your personal strategy.

Regards Dexter Roona

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