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Google Plus – Simple Guide To Google Plus Ripples

What are Google Plus Ripples?

Google Plus Ripples are very useful data visualisations that are built into Google Plus, they are enabled when a user shares content publicly. Ripples are fully interactive and updates in real time, which is extremely useful when your watching the viral reach of your Google Plus Content.


Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Ripples

When looking at your ripples, you will appear in the middle of the visualisation as a circle as you are the original poster. When members  re-share the post from  a secondary post new circles (ripples) appear around the original poster circle. The more re-shares the post gets the more circles appear and the more ripples that appear. These ripple circles give a great indication of who is an influencer on your post. 

Infobunny Pro Tip

It’s a great idea to circle the top influencers who appear in your Google Plus Ripples. Make contact with them as they are possible customers, business partners, or members who would just be good to circle as they are engagers and sharers.

The bigger the ripple circle in the visualisation the bigger the influencer, you can see in the graphic below that “Art” would be a good member to add to your Google Plus Circles.



Working With Google Plus Ripples

You can see from the graph above how the content has “rippled”, and who has re-shared the content. If you want to explore the ripple, you the have the option to use the slider to zoom in and out, as well as being able to drag the cursor to pan around, this way you’ll see how intricate the graph can sometimes be.

Click on a name on the graph to zoom to their bubble, hover over a name to view a preview of their post and statistics from their re-share.

You can also circle people to your circles straight from the ripple screen too.

Google Plus Ripples 3


Google Plus Ripple Tools and Statistics

As well as seeing the how the content is viraly rippling you can also view more detailed information, if you look to the right of the ripple page you see a list of top re-sharers and any content that they added to the re-share. You can also view the time period which highlights when the re-shares occured and along with other useful information

google plus ripples 2

How To View Google Plus Ripples

To view Google Plus Ripples for a post, firstly make sure the post has been re-shared publicly. Then, click the drop-down arrow on the top right of the post, then hit “View Ripples” you will then be shown your Google Plus Ripple visualisation and metrics page.



Im really not a blogger that likes to tracks metrics and stats, unless i have a problem and need to find out why something is not working, but with Google Plus Ripples, it is different, because Google Plus Ripples are represented in a very visual way.

I don’t feel that im back at school in Maths Class anymore, with my eyes glazing over waiting for the bell to ring.

Google Plus Ripples shows you instantly who is influencing the viral reach of any given post instantly in a very simplistic yet incredibly informative way.  You can drill down further if you wish to find out more information if you wish, and now after reading this tutorial you know exactly how to do that 😉

Thanks for reading my Google Plus Guide To Ripples, if you have questions please comment them below

Regards DexterRoona

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