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Google Plus Hangouts Video Guide And Tutorial

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Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Hangouts

What Are Hangouts?

Google Plus Hangouts are a way for you to video chat directly with other Google Plus Social Media account owners. You can chat 1/1 or you chat as a Hangout Group. It is basically Googles Version of Skype or Messenger, but its completely built onto Google Plus. Watch this very short Google Plus Overview Video Below.

Hangout operators can broadcast “Hangouts on Live On Air” and record the entire session directly to YouTube to share and view later which is an incredible feature. To get a quick glimpse of what is possible with Google Plus Hangouts watch this very short Presentation Video.

So How Do We Set Up Google Plus Hangouts

So now your starting to get a very good idea on what Hangouts are all about the question now is how do we set up our own Hangout?

Google Plus Expert Martin Shervington has created a very comprehensive Getting Started Guide to Hangouts and i really can’t improve on what Martin has written so im going to link you into Martins Article.

What are Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts launched in May 2013 to replace Google Talk, Gchat, what used to be called hangouts but were really ‘Google Plus Video Chat’ without the integration, and Google Messenger. Phew. I think life is about to get easier in the Plus. But what are they all about? Using +Vic Gundotra‘s words, a great metaphor is this – hangouts are people sitting on a porch… Think about it this way: Hangouts are like a party on the porch front. You are walking by and see people are chatting away on the porch and decide to pop in and say ‘hi’. –

See more at: http://www.martinshervington.com/google-hangouts-the-ultimate-guide/


In the end, Hangout possibilities are endless. Strike up a conversation with a group of people you find interesting, have gatherings, play a few games together in a hangout session.

The best part about Google Plus Hangouts is once you have followers, you can start and host your own hangouts and make yourself an authority on any topic that interests you.

If you know a topic extremely well why not start a hangout session with your followers, share your passion, gain new friends and followers, the possibilities truly are endless with Google Plus Hangouts.

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