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Google Plus Social Media Guide And Tutorial

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus

Hello and welcome to my Infobunny, Google Plus Complete Social Media Guide and Tutorial Article.

This is a very simple step by step guide/tutorial that absolutely anyone will be able to gain a working knowledge of Google Plus.

From how to “Grow Your Followers” to “Building Google Plus Brand Pages” to understanding Text Formatting to Hashtags, Communities, and Ripples, we will be covering it all in our comprehensive Google Plus Social Media Guide and Tutorial.

Rather than give you one long blog article we have split this tutorial into separate articles with easy navigation links with a brief curated intro from each article, so that you can just click to the section of the guide that you want to read, So with that said….

Welcome To The Infobunny Google Plus Complete Social Media Guide And Tutorial

Google Plus Circles Communities And Pages Getting Started Guide

There are really two big players when it comes to social media. In the Red corner we have Google Plus and in the Blue corner we have Facebook. Both have huge plus and minus points depending on your social media strategy.

Google Plus is very much a visual social media site that works extremely well with other social networking sites like Pinterest and Twitter where as Facebook seems to want to be its own entity and work on its own or at least that’s how it seems to me.

For example Facebook doesn’t allow pinning of images to Pinterest from Facebook, which is crazy, but don’t worry there is a very simple way around this, take a look my article that i wrote Here.


How To Gain More Followers To Your Google Plus Account

Hi all and welcome back to my Infobunny Blog. On this post we are going to be talking about How To Gain More Google Plus Followers. 

You will find that a lot of the methods discussed in this article will also work on other social media sites, obviously not all but certainly some.

I started to get interested in Google Plus when i found out about the huge benefits that Google Plus gives to bloggers and article writers.

Authorship and Publisher are just killer features that are incorporated into Google Plus and the search engine benefits and social signals that Google provides bloggers and article writers are reason alone to jump onto the Google Plus Train.

Google Plus Train


Simple Guide To Formatting Your Google Plus Posts


If your looking for lots of engagement to your all your Google Plus social media posts, +1s, comments and re-shares, then its is really important to make your content as interesting as possible to grab the attention of your Google Plus Followers.

We have already spoken about how important it is to use images in a striking, attention grabbing way now it is time to explore how to Format the text you add to you’re posts.


Google Plus Hashtags Explained

Google Plus Hashtags are incredibly useful because they help you find posts that use them and they also help you organize your own posts that you add them to, and they can help you find new contacts and customers as explained in my How To Grow Your Google Followers Article.

Google Plus Complete Guide  - A Guide To Google Plus Hashtags

If you don’t add hashtags Google Plus adds them for you by selecting what they think are relevant hashtags, but its always a good idea to add your own. 


Google Plus – How To Create A Brand Page

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus - Brand Pages

Welcome back to our Google Plus Complete Guide.

We now move on with a brief guide on how to make a Google Plus Brand Page. Google Plus allows members to create branded pages to cover their Hobbies, Business Opportunities, their Website or Sites, you can pretty much make a page about anything that you want.

Again this is a great way of categorizing content in the same way as circles are, as each page can have its very own circles and you can follow up to 5000 more Google Plus Members per page.


Google Plus – Guide To Google Plus Communities


Welcome back to our Google Plus Social Media Guide, we now move onto Google Plus Communities. Communities are large groups of Google Plus members who all share an interest around a common theme.

The theme can be anything the creator wants it to be, in my case, i am the owner of the Google Plus Engagement Community.

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Communities Explained

In this community we share a common goal and that goal is to bring engagement and interaction between members posts.


What are Google Plus Ripples?

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Ripples

Google Plus Ripples are very useful data visualisations that are built into Google Plus, they are enabled when a user shares content publicly.

Ripples are fully interactive and are updated in real time, which is extremely useful when your watching the viral reach of one of your Google Plus Posts.

When looking at a ripple, you will appear in the middle of the ripple visualisation as a circle as you are the original poster and creator of the ripple. When members  re-share the post from a secondary post new circles appear around the original poster circle.


What Are Hangouts?

Google Plus Hangouts are a way for you to video chat directly with other Google Plus Social Media account owners. You can chat 1/1 or you chat as a Hangout Group.

Google Plus Complete Guide To Google Plus Hangouts

It is basically Googles Version of Skype or Messenger, but its completely built onto Google Plus. Watch this very short Google Plus Overview Video Below.


Google-Plus-Guide-To-Authorship-And-Publisher - infobunny

Google Authorship And Publisher Setup Guide And Tutorial

Are you receiving the Google Authorship  and Publisher Credit you deserve for the articles and blogs that you post?

Do you even know what Author and Publisher Markup is and how it impacts your content?

Well with this Infobunny article we will be answering those questions along with helping you to set up both Google Authorship and Publisher for your sites.


Guide And Tutorial For Google Plus Shared Circles

I have touched on Google Plus Circles before in my Google Plus Guide and Tutorial but have recently been asked for details on how specifically you would make a Shared Circle.


Google Plus How To Create A Shared Circle

This is moving us into the more advanced use of Google Plus so i would urge you that before you get into this and read on to firstly go back and read my Google Plus Guide and Tutorial, it is broken down into sections so you will probably not have to read all of it but please save yourself sometime and review the guide otherwise this post is likely to make your brain seize up ;-)


Circloscope Affiliate program banner

Circloscope is an absolute must have Google Plus Management Tool that allows you to manage your complete Google Plus Account. Circloscope is both a Free and a Paid service, with the paid service allowing you add and remove members on bulk.

There is just so much you can do with Circloscope and in this guide and tutorial we will drill down on exactly how it works and how you can get the most out of Circloscope. 


To your continued success!

Regards Dexter Roona

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  1. Monna Ellithorpe
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Google+. I use it but I know I’m missing some things and I believe Google+ is going to be a big player; look how easy it is to get on Google’s first page by using it.

    Thanks so much for your time in creating this.

    Have a great day. Monna

  2. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    Your welcome, the tutorial will pretty much take you through how to create a very successful account, let me know if you have questions,
    Regards Dexter

  3. Lesly Federici
    | Reply

    Awesome post Dexter..
    There is SO much to learn isn’t there. You’ve broken down this emense topic nicely! Thanks!

  4. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    Thanks Lesly…yes it was a conscious decision to split this guide into sections or parts, there is just too much information for one post, and splitting the guide also gives more opportunities for people to find it because it is spread across multiple pages with different titles all with different relevant keywords…..let me know if you have any questions….

  5. Mi Muba
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter Roona
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful tutorial that is a perfect guide on Google plus from all aspects.
    It is widely said that tomorrow’s social media will be led by Google plus because of its expanding features and minimum restrictions. You can develop as several circles here. You can add huge number of people as follow. There is no restriction of share on your timeline. The power of hashtag is equal to that of Twitter at here which shows how it will make your each post viral just with the use of a few tags.
    Thanks again for putting this worth-reading and valuable post for the benefit of social media communities.
    Mi Muba recently posted…Top 7 ideas to boost your blog consultancy businessMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Thanks yes i believe Google will be a big player, not sure it will be in the form of Google Plus we will have to wait and see.

  6. Christine Adindu
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    Great info on G+ I have to visit again. A lot to explore.
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    Website and other online marketing strategies is a good way to promote your business.
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