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Google Plus Circles Communities And Pages

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Google Plus Circles Communities And Pages Getting Started Guide 

There are really two big players when it comes to social media. In the Red corner we have Google Plus and in the Blue corner we have Facebook. Both have huge plus and minus points depending on your social media strategy.

Google Plus is very much a visual social media site that works extremely well with other social networking sites like Pinterest and Twitter where as Facebook seems to want to be its own entity and work on its own or at least that’s how it seems to me.

For example Facebook doesn’t allow pinning of images to Pinterest from Facebook, which is crazy, but don’t worry there is a very simple way around this, take a look my article that i wrote Here.

Google Plus also offers other benefits that Facebook does not. Authorship and Publisher for example and the added search engine benefits gained from using Google Plus.

If you want to rank well on Google Search then you must make Google Plus a very strong part of your social media strategy.

Getting Started With Google Plus

Google Plus can seem a bit daunting when you first join compared to other social media sites, but it is really incredibly simple to use. And a really well thought out social media site.

On all social media sites you have followers, these are your family and friends your contacts and anyone who you add to your followers. On sites like Facebook and Twitter all of your followers are in one big group which can be a problem if you want only certain people to see what are posting.

You may want to add some content that is work related that you don’t want family or friends to see. Unfortunately what you add on Facebook  is what goes onto your Facebook profile.

Google Plus is very different and very flexible because we have Google Circles.

Introducing Google Plus Circles

So what are Google Plus Circles? 

Well circles are just really categories and a way for you to be able to keep friends with friends, work contacts with work contacts.

You can have any number of circles with your account.

So what does this all mean?

Well it means that if you do want just to tell work contacts something and not for anyone else to see what you post then you can, just by posting to your Work Contacts Circle.

As a marketer i would share my business opportunities to Circles of Followers who are interested in what i am engaging about, so i would have a Business Opportunity Circle or a Work From Home Circle or a Social Media Management Circle.

Circles are a great way to categorize what you share on Google Plus so that the right people see your content.

You can share to any number of circles, your not restricted to just one at a time and you can also post to Public meaning that what you share is viewable Publicly to anyone who visits your profile, you can also post to Extended Circles meaning that your followers, followers can also see what you post.

Now this may sound complicated but it really is not let’s quickly re-cap, just think of each circle as a category, you can share your content to one circle or any number or circles just by selecting them and you can even share publicly as well.

As soon as you understand circles you will really understand the full potential of what is possible and the rest of the features will suddenly click into place for you.

Google Plus Circles Graphic

Google Plus Communities And Pages

Communities and Pages are fantastic for bringing in engagement to the content you share with your followers.

Now you can really do anything you want direct from your profile if you wish but now that you understand Circles you will understand and see the benefits of making a community and a page.

Again it is really just about categorizing your social media content.

I started a community called the Google Plus Engagement Community a while back now and its doing phenomenally well, we get incredible engagement there.

It is a place for members to share anything that they are looking to get Engagement to be it a cute picture of a cat or their latest article.

We bring people together who want Engagement to what they post and who are looking to Engage.



We also have a Google Plus Engagement Page that links in as a promotional page for the community. We re-share the best community posts to the Engagement Page and this then gives extra value to what you post in the community.

The community and page provide great social media signals to google search and all of this contributes to better search engine results, and helps build our authority on Google.

Communities and Pages also help grow your followers.

There is also another benefit to having particularly a Google Plus Page and that is that you can instantly double the number of members you can follow.

You are limited to being able to follow 4000 members to your profile, but if you create an additional Google Plus Page you can then follow another 4000 members on that page and to any others that you create, again this is significant if your marketing a product or anything business related, or even for a hobby and pastime.

And again with each page comes the ability to set up new Google Circles that are completely independent from the circles you have on your profile.


The purpose of this article was really just to explain how versatile the Google Plus Circles system really is. It is not a tutorial on how to make a page or set up a community, it is purely to give you an understanding on how to categorize your contacts on Google Plus and to explain just how beneficial this can be for you. I will make specific tutorials on how to set up pages and communities at a later date.

To your continued success

regards Dexterroona

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