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Google Hummingbird To Evaluate Content Relevance

Google Content Relevance More Important Than Ever

I have over the recent months moved the article content on my InfoBunny Home Based Business Blog over to work more with content relevance words rather than optimising for keywords. I still optimise my home based articles for keywords but i am more and more mindful of content relevance and that is the premise of the Google Hummingbird algorithm changes.

So what exactly is content relevance and how will Hummingbird change what we do?

Well in simple terms content relevance is about making your article as relevant as possible to a users search.

Before with keywords you could optimise for example the keyword phrase home based business, and your seo plugin would be very happy, but the phrase home based business may not be the most  content relevant words in your article, because you will probably also of added terms like this new business or this is a great business opportunity. Suddenly the content relevance is on the word business rather than home based business, because you have used the word business more than the words home based.

This means when you search the term Home Based Business the most relevant phrase on your article would be something like Business Home Based.

An article that has the exact matching content relevance, (Home Based Business), is going to rank better than yours.

Of course its not quite as simple as this as there are many other on site factors that will also aid and hinder results.

Google is now changing the seo playing field again as it continues it’s quest for perfect search engine results for end users. For a very long time search results have been as mentioned keyword based, which often led to not bad results but not the perfect results the user wanted. Now with Hummingbird we see Google moving to article content relevance, the evaluation of the total article against the phrase searched. Is this a big deal? You bet it is, we have had algorithm updates in the form of Panda and Penguin but not since 2001 have we had a completely new algorithm. Hold onto your hats this is going to be big.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Here are a couple of articles that i found that will help you get a fuller understanding of Google Hummingbird

Google ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm to elevate niche websites

Google’s new Hummingbird  Content Relevance Algorithm could create a more even playing field for ‘the long tail’ of website publishers, and help Google to rival Apple Siri in voice search, says Ovum analyst Gerry Brown.

And you can read more relevant Google Hummingbird information on this article.

Google Hummingbird, and what it means for Online Marketers & SEO

On Inside Search, Google shared their 15th birthday with the world, announcing changes to their search algorithm and search experience.  This was celebrated at a press conference held on September 26th 2013, where they discussed the launch of a new search algorithm, code named Hummingbird.

The launch of a new algorithm shocked the online marketing world, especially as this algorithm has already been live on Google.com for at least 30 days.  So what do we know about this new algorithm, Hummingbird?

Content relevance is a very simple change to incorporate into our online marketing efforts, its just about striking up a balance of words. Im sure there will be a flood of new wordpress plugins and online tools for us to use in the coming months to help us set up content relevance, and it maybe time to revisit some of your older article posts and make some content relevance changes.

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