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    First, it should be understood, blog commenting is an art
    Secondly, blog comments are content!
    And lastly,  it begins the “Know, Like, Trust” factor crucial for online success.

    The author notices he has a Comment pending.
    He/she clicks over to moderate the message.

    It’s your first comment on his site.  (They now know you)
    Or,  he/she notices you are a return reader and this is the THIRD comment you have left.  (They now LIKE you)
    And, with every QUALITY comment you leave that contains value.  THEN, they begin to trust your recommendations!

    When you leave a blog comment, you begin an interaction with an author AND his/her audience. 

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    Dexter Roona

    Yes, there is a good way and a bad way. Comments like “nice post” and “thanks for sharing” add bo value whereas a comment that is relevant and continues the conversation is valuable.

    Enstine Muki

    I get tons of comments on my blog but a huge portion of these are done wrongly. 

    I have come to find out there are two groups of people that comment on blog posts:

    SEO backlink mongers Genuine networkers.

    For the most part, those who comment for backlinks are the ones on the wrong side of the line. They just want to be able to drop a link and leave. First, they do not read the article enough to be able to comment properly. If you want them off your blog, just remove the “Website” field on the comment form. I envisage doing this 😉

    Those who want to build relationships will want to spend time on your blog and drop an engaging comment.  They understand the relationship building power of blog commenting so they don’t rush.

    If you are on my blog and you think “Great post” is a comment you are going to make, don’t even waste your time because that’s a good example of a WRONG way to comment on blogs

    Dexter Roona

    For me, a great blog comment is one that asks a question or offers a solution and just adds value to the post. 300 words is a good length, I don’t think that is too long as it is not much longer really than a Tweet.

    If you go the distance you will be remembered by the webmaster and that could lead to possibilities down the line.

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